Why Your Astrology Isn't Working

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hi Beauties,

I LOVE traditional astrology, but some of you really enjoyed the other work that I do

with Sidereal astrology.

I joke and say, "side-real" but it's actually, "sid-ear-real" astrology.

Unlike traditional astrology that is based upon some dates that have been established as charts,

sidereal astrology is a more modern development that calculates the EXACT positions of the stars.

For a Virgo, like myself, this is really helpful. But I find value in both.

Traditional astrology is usually pretty exact in terms of our nature in this life,

yet Sidereal sees to reach something closer to the core.

As an example, in traditional astrology I am a Double Virgo. This makes sense- I hoard information like a bear

going into hibernation! i can maybe guarantee 5 hours of my day are spent studying!

And inventorying... I'm like a spiritual scientist!

And yet... in Sidereal, I'm a Double Leo (yikes lol). I guess I am a ham, right? There was that whole acting thing..

2 documentaries... Youtube channel (Magickal Grace) and Facebook Live videos.

I also am super obsessive about my hair...

Me-oh-my! So how do we use this?

There are plenty of calculators online that would help you to see BOTH.

What I would say, is, take both into account... but make Sidereal the core, Traditional the Shell.

I also use astrology specifically for Magickal purposes, pushing energy...

But I would really love to continue sharing this info. with all of you!

And if you ever feel your astrology isn't working for you, it may be that Traditional isn't reaching your core.

Astrology readings have always taken me to depths I would have never expected & altered the trajectory of my life!

I will offer new Email Based Sessions for this.

But know, the Stars Know! What is stressing you out... don't let it!

And let your birth path come to Light!



Sidereal Astrology (Mp3 or Email)

Sidereal AND Traditional Astrology report

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