What you Lose, you Find

Good mornin little angel babies,

I posted a video not too long ago on my Facebook Advisor Grace page

citing the biblical scripture:

"For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it." Matthew 16:25

Now, you don't have to be a bible follower to appreciate the mystical aspect of this statement.

In losing ourselves, we find ourselves. But what exactly does this mean?

I think it is important that we first of all recognize a concept of a higher power. This could be God, Deity or

even for some it is values and science. As an example, I know of an agnostic friend that sets their "god" or "values" as truth, beauty, love and justice.

If we are our highest power in this world, how sucky! We immediately eliminate growth and limit ourselves to what we know about life, and nothing more. But if we believe there are higher powers, higher understandings in the Universe, we open ourselves up to their intelligence and define our path in this lifetime.

So even if you plainly believe in God, it would be helpful to define (or ask God to define) what that means for you? Is that love, tolerance, acceptance and justice? Is it the whole world working together so that everyone might be an equal? Your personal definition will reflect much of what you came here to do and I encourage you to think about this further. What would your ultimately God, or Higher Power, or Values, be?

Once you have this, you are already on the right track!

You have defined something that is so important for you to lose yourself.

Now, since we have a perfect planetary position for manifestation, let's focus on that.

Let's focus on you manifesting your dreams.

So many times, we think $$$ or a specific person.

We think of the outcome. Yet, we struggle to allow ourselves to surrender fully to the process, because we always have one eye on the prize. And this simply does not work. It is like one foot in the pool, one foot out. We are not fully invested in the journey.

Thus, we need something to hold onto, in order to fully leap into that pool. We need to trust that the pool we are jumping into IS that God which we have come to define. And if you are unable to let go and fully immerge yourself, perhaps this is where you are lacking in your relationship with the divine.

So think of what you want to achieve- money, success, whatever.

And tell me, how does this fit into your values? Perhaps, everyone being able to be fully financially independent and have all their needs met is your value. Who would argue with that??? Certainly not a loving higher power that cares for you.

Then, it is time to lose yourself in the pool. It's time to jump into your journey, What this looks like is:

- Praying for Guidance

- Taking the indicated action

- Focusing more on action and service, rather than money or success

Why? Because if you try to save yourself, save every penny, you'll be so preoccupied by this that you'll miss the opportunities to be more abundant. Matthew 16:25 is a promise from God that if you let go of control, you will find more success than ever before.

So today, I ask you to let go of trying to control things if it is bringing you misery.

I ask you to set aside what you think you know, and take the approach presented to you instead.

I ask you to be open to being led, rather than leading.

You can do it!



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