What "The Secret" Taught Me

Last month, I did #TheSecretChallenge,

reading The Secret book (yes, from the 2000's) and practicing their version of manifesting.

You should know, I am a Manifestation coach, and not a huge fan of these books because they suppression emotions, intuition and feelings that are so necessary to our development. BUT, I made sure to set aside my skepticism in order to give my best to The Secret.

Sparknotes Version of the Text:

"Thoughts are things"

"If you can dream it, you can have it"

"You become what you think about the most"

All the exercises, thus, have you more focused on what you want,

rather than what you DON'T want. And MAGICAL things happened! I had just completed our documentary, Psychic: A Gift of Grace, but had no idea how to distribute. The whole world of film distribution seemed daunting, scary and very difficult. I set out one intention, "It is easy" and visualized things happening very easy. 3 Days later, we had a film agent, and then 4 major distributors. BAMB! It worked. Weirdly, I wasn't overall thrilled. I was instead skeptical and wondering, "Well... what else can I manifest?" I then went on to try other things, constantly focusing on my goals, dreams, ambitions and what I could squeeze out of the world. I was noticing my anxiety and discomfort growing, but I kept pushing and pushing forward (also pushing and pushing my intuition down). Unlike what The Secret movie says, I ended up getting sick! I ended up feeling emotionally, physically and mentally run down. I didn't have this amazing manifestation of my life; I had outside successes without the internal happiness. A good example of this is Robin Williams. Amazing actor, comedian and all around manifestor. He could make ANY goal happen: comedy career, acting career, financial abundance, an Oscar...

AN ISLAND! Did you know, he owns an ISLAND!? Google it... But all this outward focus, all this goodness he brought to others, what was the missing ingredient? He was such a light that is dearly missed in this world. But if we are truly being honest, he did all of that outward manifestation to try to heal an internal condition. But he never did; and never had the chance to.

I was devastated to hear about his ultimate suicide, and I do not want this article to shine any negative light on Robin Williams; He is and was a terrific human being. I just wish, someway or somehow, he could've known how amazing he was. Without all the bells and whistles, he was truly a terrific man that deserved the best out of life. A paradise not externally, but internally, and I hope he is able to have that Heavenly Paradise now. #TheSecretChallenge made me a little miserable, because exterior focus causes serious internal problems. We have an internal life that needs love, attention and processing on a daily basis. Just focusing on outside success is a form of escapism for an internal condition that can only be cured by investigating the negative/scary emotions, rather than shunning them out. I am no one's slave, and I do not want to work hard, to make money, to then spend that money on someone else who is working hard, to make money, and so on. This becomes a viscous cycle in our society that we have a chance to heal. You know what's free? And so much more important than all the exterior conditions? A great relationship with yourself and your beliefs. If that is working, Manifesting is easy. You do things out of love and respect for yourself and others; not out of ego pursuit. Not to "Keep up with the Kardashians". And if you love yourself, not only does this attract AMAZING and MIRACULOUS people, places and things into your existence... it makes you impenetrable, filled with integrity and light. Love you & Bless you all, Grace Healing Shame- Time Based Session

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