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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Magical Grace

We are BACK! 

I have been a little off the radar lately, and now I am happy to announce,

I moved!!! To beautiful Pennsylvania. And let me tell you, moving during 

a Mercury Retrograde is unsurprisingly not as fun as it would seem (lol). 

But I am here, I am grateful, I am posting new videos and content on

So buckle up! It's going to be a fun ride. 

The Vibe You Ride 

I have had a lot of questions lately around staying positive, high vibe and 

manifesting. This is an area where we are constantly learning, but sometimes,

we want the quick fix rather than the true solution.

So many times people will identify their negative emotions and immediately

try to "fix them" by replacing them with positive thoughts. Negative to positive,

nothing could go wrong, right? 


I don't make the rules here, so please don't kill the messenger. But think of it this

way: every living organism requires nutrients (input) and excretion (output). This

is everything from flowers, to animals, to humans. And the process of 

digesting these nutrients is called metabolizing

Now, even if you know nothing about anatomy & physiology, I am sure you can

understand this concept. We take life in, we digest (separating the good from the bad), then we excrete the negative or toxic. These are the rules.

We can not just say, as we are encouraged to do so, that the negative toxins we consume are now transformed into being good for us. This is blatantly untrue and harmful to our bodies, mind and soul. 

In the process of denying the bad, we can lead ourselves into denial, as well as 

repress our negative experiences into our subconscious. This is really unhealthy 

and a true measure of our vibration, rather than the mere 5% conscious thought. 

So High Vibe is Impossible?

Not at all! If you are concerned about energy, focus more on the process I described above. Nothing we consume, or experience, is ever wholly bad. There is always a silver lining to every experience we encounter that informs our future.

If you were to get a stomach ache eating too many french fries, you wouldn't deny you have a stomach ache or that the fries did it. You would try to help yourself 

as best you can and probably not eat those fries in the future. It's not your fault for not knowing, and now you have more wisdom under your belt.

This is also an incredible moment to process this experience emotionally for your 

benefit. Instead of jumping to, "I feel fine. I am healthy", why not acknowledge the 

toxin? You are not the toxin. The fries probably tasted amazing but weren't good for 

your belly. Validate yourself: "You poor thing. I am so sorry you feel sick". This is called diffusion; an act of love. By offering yourself compassion, your whole self feels validated and will not continue to process energy towards receiving help. It diffuses the entire negative situation.

Just try to feel the difference in energy between the two statements, which feels more loving and higher vibe? Which one is truthful and will not be met with 

resistance? Which one helps you to process the reality of the situation in a healthy way?

So this is my proposal for this week: Validate yourself as an act of love. Give yourself some compassion. 

And remember, we have some 5000-6000 thoughts a day. You can not control all your thoughts or feelings, but you can control how you respond to them. Love yourself. Life is too short to not do so! 



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