Weekly Magical Grace

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Magical Grace

Walking out of my apartment, I see a street filled with beautiful yellow and orange 

leaves that have lined the walkway as if a red carpet. As I begin to walk, a breeze blows the leaves into the air, causing a frenzy of color dancing all around me. 

There are no politics here. No worries, no shame and no controversy. There is just beauty. 

I am reminded of the world that was created for us, that we tend to not see. We created the institutions and the boundaries, but struggle to uphold them as eloquently as nature does. It flows. We fight. We are constantly at odds with nature.

I imagine some thousands of years ago, we decided we needed to hide ourselves from nature. We built huts out of sticks or clay, or escaped into caves. Isn't that what a building is, afterall? A cave of our own making?

Nature can seem both cruel and loving. It provides life for us, then it rips it away almost effortlessly. And we are pinned between survival and acceptance; fear and love. We have to survive, and yet, we also need to love. 

So what do we do? 

Do we stay in the cave, or do we embrace the beauty all around us?


We simply do both. 

Pythagoras said that anything in extreme becomes a sin; a fall from grace.

And I wholly believe this. 

But it's not the sin in itself that is the problem- it is the root. It is the over stimulation of surviving against nature that causes us to fall prey to extremes. We do everything like it is "the last time". We binge. We over consume. We obsess. We take things just too far, all with the hopes of numbing away the pain and finding the love and beauty we once knew. 

We can all relate. We have all over eaten, worked too hard for unnecessary money, fallen too hard for someone or binge watched a tv show (recently mine was Evil on Netflix). And it probably felt really good until the consequences caught up with us.

So here is this very important message for Libra Season: 

Joie de Vivre! (Exuberant enjoyment of life)

The answer isn't to change, it's to embrace the magickal and wonderful moments every day and without apology SO WE DON'T fall out of grace. This is in Vedic/esoteric/sidereal astrology Libra Season, so let's embrace it with all our hearts!!! You deserve, GRACE!



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