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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Magical Grace

Welcome Magical Beauties to another edition!

I am so grateful you chose to read this, today. 

I pray that all the love in the world surrounds you with its

beauty, and that you feel a healing presence that shows 

you how truly magnificent you are.

This week we had a wonderful chat on 12Radio. You may 

watch back the live video here:

Virgo Season Begins

It feels beyond crazy for late September to be esoterically the beginning

of Virgo Season. This certainly is a weird experience!

But it also feels perfect as we are just entering Autumn and on the 

East Coast. For the first time this morning, I was cold going out for a walk.

This is why I, California raised, fell in love with the East Coast. The seasons 

are so wonderful and so obvious. They remind you that nothing in life lasts 

forever; appreciate what you have now. 

But I never felt Virgo Season should be all that sunny. It should be a transition

into Fall. And that is what I found today, walking in it's beauty and glory.

Of course, during the Magical Grace radio show, we went over in great detail

the physical symptoms of Virgo season. But that's not all Virgo Season is about. 

It's not just cleaning, organizing and executing your life... no, it is so much more!

The knowledge I really want to impart is the relationship between 

the mythology of Virgo and the human condition. Virgo is the Harvest Queen,

reviewing what she has before her and eliminating the bad, while harboring the 

good. This is why Virgos are so pure. They are so adept and passionate about 

getting rid of the bad harvest- whatever that may be.

Esoterically, Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the mind). So when we really look deeper 

into this, we aren't just cleaning out our homes or cleaning up our diets. No, the 

most significant is that we are cleaning out our minds. We are becoming pure 


So what does that mean, "pure"?

Pure means, we are clearing out the shame, guilt, insecurities and fears of the past. 

Remember as a young child how easy things were? Did you have the same fears, insecurities or anxieties? Did you feel hopeless? Did you judge or criticize yourself?

No! Children do not. You were not born to do these things. 

Shame, criticism and judgment are taught. And as the years go by, the negative cognitions pile up one by one, into a massive storehouse 

called the subconscious. And Virgo says, "let's clean this shit up". 

Cleaning means reframing and eradicating these pervasive self-loathing blocks 

that holds us back from true freedom. We have a very unique opportunity during 

this time to completely transform our relationship with our self-perception, value 

and worth. This is HUGE! This is the TRUE foundation of Manifestation. 

So how do we do it? 

We have to explore what we are still holding onto. What still brings us shame. 

What still "hurts". Sometimes it may feel like our past is dirty or perhaps you have 

regrets. Maybe you are angry or even pissed. Maybe you have fear manifest into 

symptoms such as physical pain, stomach problems, anxiety, depression or another mental disorder. Perhaps you have struggled with addiction, eating disorders or a 

mental condition you are concerned you will never be free from. 

I am going to be very honest and bold here: you were not born with these conditions. They can all be eradicated or treated, but this work is the key foundation. We need 

to shine light on the darkest parts of ourselves and allow Spirit to reframe these 

experiences so that we can finally love and forgive ourselves. 

I want you to meditate on what this means to you. I will go more into detail about this on the upcoming Magical Grace, Tuesday @ 6pm Pacific, so please prepare 

yourself for what you need to transform!



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