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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Good morning or afternoon, beauties!

And welcome to another edition of Magical Grace.

I am going to mix things up this week by suggesting you 

watching the Live Video Podcast we had this week on Neptune Retrograde:

Weekly Esoteric Astrology 

According to esoteric astrology, Jupiter goes direct on Sunday the 13th, 

offering a wealth of new opportunities, expansion, money, new love/jobs 

and really anything else you could imagine!

It is VERY positive, to say the least. 

But, I have also received so many messages about Mars Retrograde and what 

that all entails. I would highly suggest looking to your birth chart to see what 

area Mars falls under for you. The House will be the most appropriate prediction 

for how Mars retrograde will affect you, since Mars is 

in it's house sign of Aries.

Mars in Aries is all about action, fight, behavior and tendencies. Mars is sometimes 

described as "how" we approach our battles. Here is a quick cheat sheet:

1st House- Your Approach to Life 

2nd House- Your Approach to Food, Money and Things 

3rd House- Your Approach to Siblings/ Communication 

4rd House- Your Approach to Home and the Family Unit 

5th House- Your Approach to Self-Expression, Hobbies, Romance and Fun as well                          as Inspiring Others 

6th House- Your Approach to a Job, Lifestyle, Health and Service

7th House- Your Approach to Relationships 

8th House- Your Approach to Death, Taxes, Partners, Assets and Transformation 

9th House- Your Approach to Learning, Travel, Expansion 

10th House- Your Approach to Career or Reputation 

11th House- Your Approach to Community, Progress & Friends

12th House- Your Approach to Limiting Beliefs, Aging, Institutions & Spirituality 

Depending on what house you fall under, Mars Retrograde will have us questioning and refining our approach. We may realize we have fallen out of line with our true values or our true selves. We may endure the consequences of our actions, realizing that we want to live in a more moral or loving manner. 

Aries tends to be self-righteous at times, but we must be careful not to moralize 

immoral or unethical actions. It will slow us down, to learn the lesson, and find a 

path so much better than we ever imagined. 



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