Hey Beauties,

You have not one... but TWO horoscope videos this week!

Click below for videos:

I hope you enjoy them both!

The energy has absolutely been nuts

this year, and things are certainly changing.

Please be easy on yourself and get the support, love and treats you deserve this Valentine's Day.

You are worth it!

This week, I will also be sharing Brian's Paranormal Corner- blogs on everything paranormal (including how to not get possessed... kidding... but not kidding!). I can NOT believe the stories he tells me. We are so excited to have him on board!

Note, Mercury is NOT in Retrograde just yet.

It is usually the set up for the beginning of something massive. Mercury has depictions in mythology coming out of the deep waters of the sea, and is referenced as the Holy Spirit that, "moved over the face of the water". So we see this dichotomy between within/without. We see the androgyny of Mercury and how it balances our feminine and masculine aspects.

A set up for a relationship??? Absolutely !

But also for health, wealth and a great relationship that is Divinely orchestrated.

No wonder Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

You don't have to worry about the energy until February 17th. Till then, please focus on expansion! The Higher Octave of Aquarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Is is massive... and creates massive change in our (and others) lives.

This week is about taking everything you have and letting it be shared.

Your Love, Your Wisdom and Your Soul. May you Burn so Bright!

But as always, if you were not able to release the block of the lower octave of Aquarius (Saturn/Uranus) let me give you a hint... ACCEPTANCE! And I will of course be here this week, if you'd like to speak, to go deep into what aspect of your life needs ACCEPTANCE, CREATIVITY, LOVE and SUPPORT.

I myself am treating myself to a reading this week!

I walk the walk, babies... Keeping myself spiritually tuned in! LOL

Love you All, Have a Great Monday!





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