Weekly Grace: Take off the Mask

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

We reveal ourselves through our opposites.

My old acting teaching used to say that. And once she did, I saw it all around:

I saw people acting defensively, because they were scared.

I saw people poking fun at each other, when they were in Love. 

I saw people denouncing faith, when they were seeking Purpose and Meaning. 

It's even more compelling, when we look in the Mirror. 

So why do people do it? Is it because we are so complex? 

Or is it, as they say in cards, a bluff? 

Are we teasing ourselves... and others... out of our obvious Truth? 

The Man Behind the Mask

I see this theme of hiding behind a mask in the 12House (astrology). 

It's the tough shell that protects a soft and squishy inside. 

A 12th House Leo... Need for Attention & Validation / Performer

A 12th House Virgo... Need for Value & Control / Executive

But there are so many more places this shows up~! 

The person who talks about money deals, but struggles to survive...

The person in love with love, but single... 

The therapist, with grave emotional issues...

The great artist, who never shares their work... 

So where is the break? 

Something happens between desire and outcome. 

A Block. 

A major block, or trauma, somewhere along the way occurs, and we lose the ability  to 

move our inner desires outward. 

But here is the REAL Truth:



This block may slow you down, but it WILL NOT Stop You 

You are a Winner... this is YOUR MOMENT!!!! 

Taking Off the Mask 

The first step, is to get honest with ourselves about what we want. 

What we REALLY want. And we may not know... 

Try to think, whether in Love or Work, what makes you happy 2 weeks past the experience? 

Is it the art? Or the paperwork? 

Is it the information, or is it doing? 

Look to your 7th (love) or 10th house (career). 

The more honest you get, the better your results will be! 

Next, throw up (purge) your fears and shame. Like pea soup in the Exorcist, just get it ALL OUT!!!!

And when it's all out... vented to a friend, on paper, in prayer/meditation... GET. RID. OF. IT. 

Burn it/rip it up and flush it. And tell those lies, "YOU ARE NOT WHO I AM!!!!!!" 

And then light a WHITE CANDLE and be purified for who you truly are. 

We have a Growing Moon enlightening our every step. 

We have Magick in the air, and a Break Through on the horizon. That Love, that Job and that Life. 


You are worth MORE than wearing a Mask. You are worth, even your scariest dreams.

You are The Light.




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