Weekly Grace: Pisces 101 & Retrograde

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Good Morning, Beauties!

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day.

The big astrological concern that most will be facing this week

is the dreaded Mercury Retrograde going into full effect on

February 17.

Interestingly, Mercury will be R in Pisces, encouraging us to expect some kind

of spiritual or artistic deep-dive. 2 days later, February 19th, we will also enter into

Pisces Season. Double-trouble-Pisces!

Pisces 101:

Pisces struggles with duality (represented by the 2 fish) and fusing the soul with the Higher Self. On a lower level, Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter- magic and expansion. But they can also be subject to illusions, deception and getting to lost at sea!

Many Pisces are spiritualists or artists. They are the beautiful mermaids in the water, often with the sentiment that they should have been born at an earlier time period. They often feel they have been born into the wrong era or in the wrong body. They feel lost within their human selves and want to believe in the good of humanity, but their innocent souls leads to many taking full advantage of their well wishes.

Pisces at this lower octave is stereotyped as being hyper sensitive, with an inability to discriminate. The solar plexus, where we find willpower, is too open and mistaken for consciousness (the crown/third eye chakra). Some mistake their seemingly wise notions as a bed rock of profound knowledge, when in actuality, it is like the spirit of a child: pure and idealistic, yet lacking substance or experiential wisdom.

A Pisces can take any situation and find a poetic reason why that experience exists. Yet, there is a huge difference between objective positivity and denial. Pisces have to be very careful to not dismiss their true hurt feelings or emotions, as they are also subject to addictions, mental and emotional disorders. They have to learn to decipher the waves from the sea.

On a higher octave, Pisces is ruled by the darker planet Pluto, that represents going through Haedes to realize they are the light. It is all about transformation, but specifically with Pisces, it's about connecting to your humanity AND divinity. They no longer throw themselves into situations, like a fish being thrown in water, but dive deep within their own shadows. The fluidity of Pisces remains, but there is more of a conscious awareness around what differentiates the high and low tides.

It's no longer a free for all- and not every experience is necessarily a poetic example of

humanity. They have developed boundaries around health (especially mentally/emotional) and are no longer fooled by deception. When the tide goes high, Pisces goes deeper inside... rather than riding the wave, to their down fall. The rose glasses have come off, and yet, their world is more beautiful than ever.

So what can we learn from this?

We have more insight on what Pisces go through, especially their struggles.

And what we ought to expect to go through this month in Pisces.

Since we also have a Mercury Retrograde, pulling us in an opposite direction, we might expect a deeper internal dive this month. We will not get lost so easily, though, and will take the internal retreat to decipher what is true.

What speaks to us, and what we need to leave behind.

The main benefit of this time, is the massive capacity for love. Just remember to put yourself first, others second. This way your capacity for service, love and even manifestation will grow exponentially!

You have magical abilities this month. You can manifest 3x as strong (love) as the previous months. Do not allow ANYTHING to stand in your way!!!



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