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Tonight will be a VALENTINE'S DAY HOROSCOPE!!!!


Aquarius is such an interesting sign because it really has to do with the Manifestation of new archetypes (eccentricity). This is the unbeaten path. New creations. New leaders and new groups coming forth and making the world a more inclusive space where we can all feel safe. 

And you are no exception! 

What I find so fascinating is during this time, we are a bit more emotional and psychic. We are attuned to our deeper needs (as we perceive it) that run so deeply within us. But they are actually the needs of the group conscious. 

As an example, you deeply need new flavors of peanut butter. It's just depressing and sad. We have peanut, almond and maybe cashew... and there are SO MANY nuts. And it's (to be dramatic) unfair to nuts! Nuts-ism!

You have to make your own hazlenut-butter, and no one has any clue how amazing this is. It's a damn travesty! 

But for some reason, this has become an obsession for you. It runs deeper than nut butters, it's about you feeling like everyone follows some cookie cutter version of life and we don't have enough flavor. We don't appreciate food or nurture, or celebrate the beautiful world we live in enough. So... you make butters. 

And you make them well. And you build a business. And it's a HIT. And people are like... WOW. We have always done PB&J, but you know what? Cherry macadamia toast is the best damn thing I've ever tasted!!! And the crowd goes wild...

You haven't changed or inspired sandwiches, you've literally shook people up. You've reminded them that the majority of the things we do, have been programmed into our subconscious. But that does not mean they are right. And this Uranus energy lights up our awareness; change is possible and necessary. (So, seriously... start that nut butter company!)

When Aquarius raises it's octave (towards the end of February) we see real expansion within ourselves and the formation of new communities. We see that need for nut butters being met, and people feeling a part of that movement. 

Ultimately Aquarius season is not about expanding the individual mindset, it's about expanding group mindsets. It's about unity. It's about building safe places, homes and sandwiches that make life a little bit better. 

Cause we are worth it! 

Full Moon Sunday 

Full Moons are the pinnacle of energy. It's a perfect time for ANY INTENTION! 

Let's take into account the energy of Aquarius season, as well as the Leo Full Moon. It is also being called a Snow Moon, and Supermoon, which will make Oscar Sunday especially dramatic. 

We may see some fights go down! 

It's hard to not be dramatic with this energy, and to not wear our heart's on our sleeve. People may be bursting with self-expression or dominating belief systems. 

The Leo Moon is all about expressing the personality. It represents the emotional ego (expressing self through emotions) and being a bit dramatic. A bit reactive. A bit, "youuuuuu offended, ME!" 

Equally, Leo Moon is enormously passionate about it's likes. Do NOT come between a Lion and it's lioness or Cubs, lest you desire to be shredded to pieces!

So how can we utilize this energy? 

1. Acknowledge the grandiose emotions are expressing some deeper truths that are arising during Aquarius season (nut butters)

2. Invoke the Sun (life) into your nut butter passion, or whatever passion you find

In esoteric astrology, we recognize we revolve around the Sun and have no life without it. In every atom, we find the sun... we find the light... we find the fire. 

So though your nut butter passion may be new and kinda unexpected, invoke the Leo Sun to breathe life into your new passion and to make you courageous, proud and loving for your new found interest. It is one that not only you, but many, will benefit from. 

Make your Manifestations, come to Life!



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