No Monopoly on God

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

WEEKLY GRACE 12 Radio Update: I will be sharing the Thursday, 9am Pacific/ Noon Eastern slot with Erin (rotating hosts) to focus more on the Youtube Channel (Psychic Grace).

This week, I did a 3 Part Series on Doreen Virtue's conversion to Christianity. More specifically, her dismissal of her oracle and tarot cards that she is so infamous for. 

Doreen Virtue Religious Abuse? Part 1  (

What really spoke to me about this subject was the idea of religious/ spiritual abuse. This is dear to my heart- and I know many of you have experienced shame, disregard or harsh criticism for your beliefs, spiritual life or lifestyle. And this is unacceptable. 

No Monopoly on God  For starters, I am amazed that anyone can believe that their path is the path. The one, and only, way to God or to a fulfilled life.  I want to make this abundantly clear: you are perfect the way you are.  I don't expect other people to follow my path, or do the things exactly according to me, because I am NOT God or spirit incarnate. I know from the documentary it might be confusing that I am Gracie Rae & my spirit guide is "Grace". But I hope I have made it clear, I am not Grace. I am another human being, navigating the waters, doing the best I can to be of service and assist others in their journey. 

I'm Gracie Rae, and you are YOU. And you deserve to be encouraged, loved and supported so that you can be fully authentic. 

If that is through oracle/tarot- GREAT! If it's through Christ- GREAT!If it's through brownies- GREAT!  We have so much to learn! And NONE of us have a monopoly on a fulfilled life. But we DO have a choice to either try to control & criticize, or lead by example.  People WILL follow if we are happy, healthy and living our best life. 


Business is BOOMING! A new offer or opportunity presents itself. This week is a rebirth; as the Moon grows, so does our ability to succeed towards our ultimate goals. A man/woman with air sign or authority will be very helpful to us. Get set! It's going to be a VERY successful and exciting week! 

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