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Beauties, I hope you are enjoying this lovely Mercury Retrograde, LOL. 

I know... I know... it all depends which of our houses it is hitting, but today 

I promise to provide you with some useful information to make this the BEST season possible! 

But before we go there- I have an update for my beauties: 

I have been talking about a Youtube Channel where I drop ALL the

spiritual, psychic, metaphysical, fun and manifestation TEA! 

And I am so so so excited for this. 

My production company is currently working on a documentary that will be completed by fall, but then we move FULL STEAM AHEAD with the 

Youtube Channel. Here is a little taste of the craziness that will take place: 

Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Channel for notifications on our first videos. 

I PROMISE to entertain, inspire and inform ALL MY BEAUTIES on living &

executing your BEST LIFE IMAGINABLE. 



Mercury, shmerkury! There are actually SEVERAL planets retrograde at the moment.

This is to be expected as 2019 is a pivot, transformation and transition year for all of us. 

We have a whole generation in Saturn Return, as well as many in their 2nd Saturn Return. Life is HAPPENING- full force - no holding back! We are getting the uncomfortable push, pull and practice to align with the Universe. 

It's uncomfortable, sure, but also necessary. 

And with so many planets in Caner, we better pay attention! 

Even the True North Node is pointing us in the direction of Cancer. 

So what does it mean? 

Cancer is a cardinal sign that implies a go-getter. It isn't sitting back in self-pity or victim mentality; it is GRABBING the bull by the horns and facing adversity as it comes! Bet you never thought of Cancers that way, huh? 

We assume, oh Cancer... so sensitive, loving, caring. That is true but not the complete picture. We can use Astrologer & 12Listen Founder Mark Husson as an example of this energy. These people may be great supporters, but even more impressively, they are great leaders! They create from an idealistic place and change the world along the way. 

So if you feel getting organized, focusing on self-care and taking baby steps is too mundane, too simplistic for your high ambitions... think of Mark! Think of Youtuber Shane Dawson, Revenge Body & Entrepreneur Khloe Kardashian, Singer Ariana Grande, and Comedian & Movie Star Kevin Hart

These Cancers are POWERHOUSES! Able to create, execute and inspire millions. 

They take their passion and create empires. Think Tom Cruise and his multiple franchises. They are spiritually inclined and have a deep seated passion for helping others. 

We ALL can take a note from Cancers. We ALL can connect with the deepest part of ourselves, beyond the survival ego, and truly ask, "What do I really want? What do I truly want to offer the world? What do I care the most about?" 

Cancers ask themselves these questions all the time! So should we. And we should be patient, committed and tactful in planning our journey towards bringing our passion to the masses. 

Like I said, Mercury, shmerkury! This is CANCER SEASON, baby! 

Let's make the MOST of it. 


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