Weekly Grace

Weekly Grace

Good Moring, afternoon or night my wonderful angels!

I hope you are having a good week so far and not allowing

Mr. Mercury Retrograde to affect you too much!

Though, I just realized, the power outages in Texas occurred during damn Mercury Retrograde...

Prayers for Texas!

Having gone back and forth from the San Antonio area to California for years, I can attest to the magic that is Texas: the hats and boots, the pick up trucks, the "sweet tea" at every restaurant to let you know you've crossed state lines, the amazing and award winning bbq and the down to earth and fun people!

It is truly an amazing place made of the toughest kind; I pray for their return to normal as soon as possible!


This upcoming week, Mercury Retrograde will end (February 21). Can I get an Amen, Hallelujah???

The funny thing is that the Sun has been very close to Mercury (in Vedic referred to as "combustion") from Feb 1-15th. Moving forward, and Mercury going direct, this is going to be a reawakening of Mercury's super powers: communication, intellect, memory, and transportation.

But there is so much more! Mercury can reawaken relationships, money, our intuition and relationship to Spirit. Make no mistake about it, Mercury retrograde is a powerhouse and will help us profoundly moving forward!

Weekly Tarot:

V Swords- The overlay of Mercury Retrograde this week will still be affecting us. So if you start off the week feeling a little bitter towards someone else, I ask you to take a step back and wait it out. Do not jump to reactions and for goodness sake stay away from social media or letting them know "how you feel". This too shall pass!

Fool- By Tuesday, the shift we promised will arrive! We will all be like love struck teenagers excited for the future. This is really good; our hopes and dreams are back. We have enthusiasm and focus. You will feel replenished and ready for what's ahead.

VII Pentacles- This is the warning card this week, to make sure you still stay on top of your work so you don't end up disappointed by results. It is good that you're refocused on money, career and goals (Mercury is direct). But do not beat yourself up for where you are; celebrate and give gratitude for how far you've come!

Have a beautiful and amazing week, beauties.

Ease up on yourselves-- I know you are giving it ALL you have.

Blessings, Grace

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