Watermelon Tales

It's been 3 days of Taurus Moon and I have gulped down exactly 2 whole watermelons

(another one to be devoured by night's end).

Why? Because Taurus LOVES food!

And I could do a lot worse than Watermelon, but that's just what my body wants right now.

And if I don't allow myself some indulgence... if I don't slow down... what can happen???

I can start going off the deep end into some REALLY STRONG self-sabotaging behavior!!

THAT is what Taurus Moon is all about: joie de vivre! "Joy of Living"

So many times we are so focused on our goals that we forget, our VIBE matters.

We can not expect to gain healthy results by forcing ourselves to constantly work to the bone.

We need, every once in a while, to answer our Soul's desires.


A massage

Nails or hair done

A reading

Working out

A nice meal


This is your moment to not forget, life is worth living!!!

These indulges are ESSENTIAL to our existence. DO NOT allow Covid to steal your joy!

You are worth it!!!



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20 Mins Psychic Reading

30 Mins with Psychic Grace

What is all the hard work for, if we can't cut loose every once in a while?

You DESERVE to let loose! And have some fun. Get mystic. Rea

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