Virgo is the BEST

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Welcome back beautiful angels!

I hope you are feeling empowered by the latest Virgo Season switch over (Vedic).

I can not believe how Virgo I feel during this time!

I have always identified as a Virgo, even though in Vedic I am double Leo, because there is something so calming, nurturing and empowering about Virgos. Ok... maybe I desperately WANT to be a Virgo and I reject the nasty portrayal of the highly critical, judgmental secretary Virgo that's only aim in life is to organize her home.

No, no, no!

Let me give a big shout out to my Virgo Birthdays and tell you all the wonderful things about sister/brother Virgo. If you are a Libra in your western chart, move your chart back 30 degrees and you are most likely a Virgo OR on the border.

Don't worry, you can still identify as a Libra! And I bet that role fits just fine. But it's a wonderful blessing for you to be in Virgo Season; you are the extra blessed one! So let's get into what you can expect:

Why Virgo is the BEST

Yes, Virgo, like any astrological sign has negatives. But I tend to see those characteristics appear later in the season and we just began Virgo season. So let's focus on the positive as the negatives have not hatched just yet!

As I stated on Facebook (see my link down below), Virgo esoterically was the beginning of civilization. She was the funny gal that reminds you of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, who people think is weird as she reads her books and isn't into Gaston. And everyone in the village was like, "oh my gosh... she's so weird!"

But as the culture focused on hunting and gathering, here comes Belle the Virgo who said, "why don't we just plant seeds in an organized fashion and save the crops so we don't starve during winter?"

BOOM! Agriculture = beginning of civilization as we know it

As you can tell, Virgo has a green thumb and can see things objectively and analytically. She has a quasi-Aquarian view when she wants to and is absolutely genius on most occasions. Do not ever be fooled by her calm and stoic demeanor, as her insides are going a million miles per minute! While her outside is calm, her brain is working overtime on solutions to some of our most basic and essential problems like:

Health, lifestyle, diet, spiritual practice, goals, remedies, detoxing, children and babies, physical limitations, holistic fitness, mental health, pets, work habits, plans, getting our 'shit together", organization, purpose and destiny, altruism

Little Virgo is working overtime! Now look at the list above... This is what the next 30 days will look like for you. Virgo season is here and she will want us all to 'get our shit together", but here is the other caveat:

As Virgo ascends esoterically, her ruling planet Mercury subsides and the Moon takes over. This means that as Virgo is able to master the more Mercurial issues of thinking, communication, work, etc. she also becomes highly intuitive! And I mean HHIIIIIGHHHHHHLLYYYYYY intuitive!!!!

She is able to just feel the answers and solutions to problems that, like the moon, as a bright light in darkness. Virgo is able to handle some really scary and dark challenges with love, compassion, nurture and Grace. She is the friend you need during your darkest times. She, like the moon, is a rock that keeps you feeling safe, sturdy and able to handle anything.

So if I haven't made this clear enough: VIRGOS ROCK!!!!!!


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