Valentine's Day Reading

Can you relate???

Woke up, and I'm ball of fluff.

Yesterday went to see my IFA (Magic) teacher

and he insisted I have some cake for a friend's birthday. I came home afterwards,

and continued to eat like a bear going into hibernation.

THEN, I must've had an allergic reaction to something (maybe bread?)

because my eyes and whole body are swollen and I look like I was stung by a million bees.

I also nearly forgot it was Valentine's day, especially because he is booked til APRIL!

That was my Valentine's Gift to myself... and I already gave gifts out. So I woke up, by myself (minus my cat)

swollen and pathetic. And then desperately tried to caffeinate my way out.

Again, Can you relate??? Yes... spiritual advisors have these days.

We get busy, overwhelmed and those stupid chip readers malfunction, so I end up spending an extra 30 mins.

at the grocery store.

All these gross and uncomfortable things happen. And I don't take pride in it, but I do take pride in my response to it.

ESPECIALLY, today!!!

And I want you to hear this, so you can laugh...

And then hopefully next time something goes wrong, you can have a little grace to laugh at yourself too!

An imperfect world:

That's exactly what we are living in!

Though we create our own bubbles and dimensions, we still bump into people who are living in their own personal hell. We can hate them, or have compassion. We can make it worse, or we can make it easier on ourselves.

We have 2 paths: the low or high road.

I will fully admit, the lower is easier.

I could've shamed myself today. But why? Especially on Valentine's Day, I think I deserve a little love.

And so do you!

I think one of the strongest and most important things we can do is recognize the lies.

I am a ball of fluff... BUT a cute one!

Things went wrong... BUT I am not wrong.

Life isn't all doom and gloom!

The truth is, I LOVE working with people.

I LOVE cake...

I LOVE getting busy, it makes me feel great!

And I REALLY love coffee with honey in it.. Give it a try!

There is always something wrong if we look close enough, but ALWAYS more good!

And giving yourself this validation, proves life is good.

This IS self-care.

Recognizing the lies... and separating them from the truth.

I can CHOOSE my own dimension of laughter, happiness and Love.


May love surround you today; may truth find and expand in your life!!!

You are SO WORTH some good thoughts and some good HONNNNNNEY!

Love you, babies! Happy Valentine's Day!

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