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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Good Morning/ Afternoon, Beauties:

Sun 4°11' Aquarius

Moon 2°17' Aquarius

Mercury 13°36' Aquarius

Venus 13°14' Pisces

Mars 14°27' Sagittarius

Jupiter 12°04' Capricorn

Saturn 24°12' Capricorn

Uranus 2°44' Taurus

Neptune 16°51' Pisces

Pluto 23°11' Capricorn

Chiron 2°14' Aries

Some have asked about Moon Cycles, so I want to let you know about the exciting shift we made this week.

Monday, we moved into Aquarius and had a New Moon in Aquarius.

A week from today, we will have a Full Moon in Aries.

So, what's all this mean?

First off, we moved out of limiting/structure/ hard working Capricorn and into Aquarius.

There is a common denominator here: Saturn, the very planet that rules over Capricorn, while

adding to the mix the Planet of invention, Uranus.

The year has been dubbed the Year of Capricorn, also known as the Year of the Unicorn.

I say Unicorn, because it's the Higher Ruling energy of Capricorn.

So here we are... with a bit of Electric Uranus in a time of buckling down on what

structure is needed, what ideas need to be released. Let's remember that Capricorn energy is very official,

like a leader in the military. It's all about developing and initiating strategy.

You may be struggling with this energy. It's heavy; the consequences hit hard.

You my be thinking back to 2009/2010... where did I go wrong?

What could I have done different? Did I mess up my life?

I am here to tell you, know, my little Unicorn... you did not.

A decade ago you started sensing something about yourself. Some of your thoughts and beliefs

were not authentic to you. So you set out on a journey to be the person you always wanted to become.

You had big dreams, but perhaps not a definitive plan. You were figuring things out.

And now, the energy is back. But you are starting to suspect you are running in circles, rather than living your best life or on the road to building it.

Life SHOULD be an unfolding adventure. Or else it would be boring as hell.

it should have challenges and moments of realizing that something is off.

But when something goes wrong or feels wrong, we do what Capricorns do best: we React.

Reactions are based on another person's actions, not our own.

We counter attack. We hit them harder... we hit ourselves harder.

And we forget to be actors, making our own decisions, rather than responding to the actions, thoughts or behaviors of others.

So today, let's remember who the actual F you are.

You're a freaking UNICORN. Meaning, there is only 1 you. Of all the people, ever born, with their multitude of personalities, beliefs, ideas and thoughts... only 1 you. Only 1 Unicorn with your name, color, essence and beauty.

But it's YOUR decision how much, or little, you value your own individuality.

And that's what Uranus is all about-- embracing that Individualism.

Embracing our weirdness, because it's unique. It's special.

And our uniqueness, in and of itself, isn't what makes us a Unicorn.

It's the ACCEPTANCE of our true self that does.

It's the unconditional love that we give, that shines so bright.

That inspires us.

The smashes into the darkness, like a Lightening bolt lights up the Night Sky.

The strategy should be, then, accepting yourself. Loving yourself. Fighting for what you

want knowing full well, you may not get it. Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow...

But the more energy we put into Loving ourselves... the More we Align with all that we Are and will Ever Need.



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