Time for Change

* Note: This is Sidereal Astrology based on EXACT coordination, rather than charts *

Sun- Aquarius

Moon- Cancer

NNode- Gemini

Most activity of planets: 11th 12th 1st & Second Houses

Elementally: 5 Fire, 4 Air, 2 Earth and 2 Water

This is some kind energy, guys.

The very last moments of Mercury retro. and it literally feels like we have spent all of the 21st century in the sign of Aquarius.

We are, according to the charts, well into Pisces Season. But if we actually calculate the exact planetary positions,

we are STUCK in Aquarius. The astrological positions are DRAGGING. Naturally, you are going to feel this in your personal lives!!!

It's important to note, much of the energy is in the 11th-12th house of community (tribe) and the

I was just watching "He's Not Just NOT that Into You" on Netflix, and the main character is at home going nuts starring at the phone. Why isn't he calling? Is he not into me? He's going to call... maybe he's not! Maybe I am delusional! Maybe I'm not enough.... all these thoughts, racing through our minds!

And because the Universe is just... the worst.... these days, it's hitting RELATIONSHIPS and it's hitting MONEY.

How dare you. Seriously, UNIVERSE. HOW. DARE. YOU!

But... it's pretty clear why.

When it's moving backwards, it's un-doing the past.

So, basically, the Universe is un-doing to us what was done to us that makes us doubt our VALUE.

So, work is weird: what issues are coming up? How does it make you view yourself?

Is it you... or is management off? Can you sit still for a moment, and really contemplate how YOU are permitting this?

How your past issues made you believe this is the best life can offer you?

What about relationships... can you do the same?

I know this is A LOT. But it's REALLY WORTH IT. It's really worth exploring the deeper issues, here, and getting rid of the doubt and fear. Why?


So, let's get it!



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30 Mins with Psychic Grace

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