Things feeling Off?

Hi Beauties,

I LOVE Sidereal astrology for revealing truths we didn't expect!

We all know Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces in traditional astrology... Cue the dramatic music!

But I actually LOVE retrogrades because they are TRUTH revealers!

They move us closer to where we ought to be.

Now, Sidereal astro measures the EXACT position of the stars, rather than following charts.

And it is revealing to us, today, that Mercury is actually Retrograde in AQUARIUS!!!

What to Expect:

Remembering, re-evaluating and re-thinking certain groups and communities.

How you had issues in Love?

Issues at work?

Is this somehow a disappointment of a tribe, or community?

Are people popping up from the past?

All things to think on!

Sidereal proves... what you THINK you know, may not really be the TRUTH!

Keep your eyes peeled, beauties!


Your Sidereal Astrology Report

Sidereal AND Traditional Astrology Report

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