The True Valentine's Day

St. Valentine was a priest in the 3rd Century Rome that was actually martyred for his faith.

The story is rooted in fact:

He was born in 226 in a tiny city during Claudius II Reign.

During the time, sexual immorality was like... every day. Just imagine big orgy parties like ALL THE TIME. And this was actually encouraged by the government and marriage was banned because once men married, they no longer had to go to war.

So the government was like "yeahhhh go get it on!!!" And St. Valentine was like, "what about love???" **Cue the awwwws**

It should also be noted that under his faith, marriage is a sacrament to God. That not only are you going to have a lovey dovey faithful union, but you're going to be united under God and build a family that is set on building heaven on earth.

Sexual morality was about abstaining from adultery and sexual perversion

(which in the Bible is more about having good intentions with sex rather than "rules"). It's about soulful sex, where you care about the other person. You're not just trying to get off. Yet, the Romans were like, "yeahhhh just get off in new and more exciting ways!!! Off off off!" So Valentine was at odds with the Romans.

But then things get trippy: Valentine was secretly marrying people against the Romans (gets imprisoned) and he even worked a faithful miracle of healing a blind girl. When he was in jail, he wrote the girl, and signed it:

"Your Valentine" where we get our current trend!

Valentine was beheaded February 14th, 269 ad.

Poor Valentine! He was just standing up for LOVE!

As early as the 4th Century, the church has celebrated Valentine's Day, not as a romantic holiday as much as a dedication to Love and Marriage. With time it has evolved and taken on many forms, but there is a message in this:

In our history, people were once killed for believing in True Love.

And whether you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, partnership or marriage--

once upon a time it was like the novel 1984. You could ONLY have sex, but no love. You could be killed for even making that commitment to another person.

Let's not forget today that St. Valentine died for your right to love. So please, love!

Because he also showed the healing power of love through the blind girl. He showed that Love IS what God wants for us and we have a right to fight for it.

I hope you have a VERY LOVING VALENTINE'S DAY and are able to love yourself, family, friends and your partner. Let's build a loving world, together!!!


Your Valentine

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