The Gift of Authenticity

Guys, I am SO EXCITED!!!!

Tomorrow is my first ever SOLO SHOW on, where I will be going into greater detail about this subject matter.

You all saw me do The Secret Challenge, and as days/weeks have gone by, I have felt the FULL long term effects of that experiment. Honestly, they weren't so great! I felt selfish, shameful and overrun by mental activity. It's funny because people really wanted me to fail and to hate it; I can't say I hated all of it, but I could definitely say I would not recommend it as an approach to manifestation. One of the reasons why is because of the whimsical nature. It sounds so glorious and wonderful: Have WHATEVER you want! Anything you can imagine.

But for most, it doesn't work out that way. And if it does, are you really even happy?

My experience was, I got what I wanted. I was happy for a moment, but it didn't quite feel like enough. It felt like I had ABSOLUTE CONTROL over manifesting profound and materialistic things and was somehow a failure if I didn't. I am a simple woman and a simple person. I want true value in my life, not things that only represent value. And that's what brings me to authenticity. When I say authenticity, I mean things that contain an origin of truth and integrity. I can not recreate an apple and it's nutritional benefits. It has a spark of Spirit, a thumb print of the divine that only the Divine can control. There has been no one, besides Jesus, who has been able to defy the physical limitations put upon us. Many do not like to accept it, but we are in the game of life. And there are truths... and there are lies. There are things that work, and there are things that do not. And this is on a case-by-case basis because we are INDIVIDUAL sparks of Spirit. Not one of us is exact to the other. So... when it comes to Manifestation, how should we approach it? Should we meditate, visualize, want to give or want to receive?

Are we materialistic and selfish? Or should be be givers rather than receivers? We should be authentic, to our own individual nature, because there is only one YOU.

What happens when an apple is eaten? It gives life to a person, an animal, and it's seeds could even go on to feed many others. It has a destiny, as do we. And it's not about being the shiniest, best or most adored apple... it's about knowing that NO ONE ELSE can ever fulfill OUR CALLING. That's for us to do. And it is WAAAYYYYYYY more amazing than we expect. If it's our Destiny, it is what will TRULY bring the most value, happiness and success into our lives. Blessings, Grace

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