St. Anthony: What's Lost IS Found!!!

If you watched, Psychic: A Gift of Grace, you know I was raised within the Catholic Tradition. Saints, Stations of the Cross, Alter Serving, etc. We were ALL in!

But one of the very COOL Catholic finds, that can be used by anyone/ anywhere, is the prayer to St. Anthony. My brother taught me this prayer and St. Anthony has NEVER let me down!!! I'll give you some incidents of my personal experiences: Lost Prada glasses

Lost keyes

Lost thought/ Inspiration Lost License!! Ahhh

Some of my clients: Lost DIAMOND from earring! Lost legal papers Lost life direction/ clarity It has surprised me, how many times I have encouraged people to reach out to St. Anthony for help. Such a simple prayer; such profound consequences! So next time you find yourself lost or having lost something, say this simple but effective hymn: St. Anthony, come around There is something lost that must be found!!! No, you do not have to be Catholic or even in the christian faith. I just think it's WONDERFUL when something works. If we believe all people pass over into the spirit realm, why wouldn't they be willing and able to help us here on Earth? Thanks Anthony!!! Blessings, Grace

Reading for Keepers! 40 Min

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