Seize the Moment

Good morning or afternoon beauties,

There always comes a moment in life, and quite often, where we can seize the moment or not.

And I don't just mean the ending of cheesy moments to get the girl, guy, do the

thing you've always wanted to do. NO!

Those are all big moments, but every single day we have the same choice to seize or not to seize.

When you go to the gym and you can either be there, or just get by.

When you are face to face with something that scares you, like speaking up for yourself or doing something unexpected.

When you are about to cook either a really mundane and boring meal OR something really creative and delicious.

When someone looks you over twice at a coffee shop, and you can either look down in embarrassment, or smile and stare back at them (aka "I'm open for business").

These moments can actually be so much more important than the big moments- because these little things that seem mundane can be life changers. What you put into ANYTHING is exactly what you're going to get out.

Is it time you start putting your full attach and seize every opportunity in life?

YES!!!!!! The time is NOW!!!!!


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