Saturn Moon: The Onion Unravels

Yesterday was tough!

I had so many friends freaked out and reaching out,

just really feeling intensely overwhelmed.

This was because the Moon passed right over the 3 Strongest

Retrograde planets that are all squeezed together- Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn.

It's like an Onion.

Even if you can access that deep core, there are still so many layers lying on top of it.

And we are all going through such deep transformations, let's just call 2020 what it is:

"The Year of Cleaning Shit Up".

Now, today, the moon moves past them but is also still influenced by them.

Most likely you're going to feel a lot of SATURN energy because Moon is in

Capricorn/Saturn, and the Moon is very close to Planet Saturn.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn.

In Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of agriculture, founder of civilizations and of social order, and conformity. The famous rings of the planet Saturn that enclose and surround it, reflect the idea of human limitations.

Now, most fear Saturn. But some of the key features of Saturn are karmic laws,

"you get what you give". And that can be confusing!

Especially since Saturn is exalted under Libra, the balancing scales, what does that mean?

It means there needs to be not only accountability, but boundaries.

Not too much give, not too much take.

So keep that in your heart, prayers and meditations.

Remember you have a right to BALANCE and EQUALITY.

And these issues come up, to be fixed!!!

May you all have a Glorious Day!

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Have a blessed day,


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