Saturn Goes Direct

This is a great day for astrology, Saturn has gone direct!!!

Not feeling any sudden shifts of energy?

You won't... but look closer!

The Main culprits this year that have reflected, as well as influenced, our very tumultuous

year is the trifecta: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn retrograde.

Currently, Jupiter and Saturn are direct, with Pluto no far behind. YAY!

While Jupiter leads us into more expansion and opportunities, Saturn is the cosmic Karma, wrapping up cycles from 2017. Saturn is in it's home sign of Capricorn, the sign of "institutions" dealing with authority, boundaries, leadership, politics, army, societies and every major world power.

What's interesting is the closeness of Saturn to Pluto (in Sagittarius) that has been really begging us to educate ourselves on these areas of life. It has caused heavy stress and is allowing a part of old institutions to "die off" as a result. This is a new era.

Saturn is asking us to follow rules and have boundaries. It asks us to embrace discipline and holding up to our own value systems. It gives us the strength to do so.

So what does this really look like? Self-respect and the respect of others.

Sometimes we take things for granted, as simple as pain killers. Did you know over a hundred years ago, they used to perform surgeries by forcing to person down and cutting into them? YEAH! How lucky are we that we don't have to endure that. There are A LOT of benefits to living in the modern world.

That should lead us to RESPECT the medical community for it's advancement; respect being an offshoot of gratitude!!! Please take some time today to think of 2017-now, how far have you come? What have you learned about yourself? Are you ready to respect aka be grateful for what you have?

What we respect, we keep!



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