Retrogrades: Go back to God

Updated: May 26, 2020

Astrological Report: Venus R Taurus Jupiter R Capricorn Saturn R Capricorn Pluto R Sagittarius Even North Node R Gemini! Looking at all this planetary action, I recall thinking the famous line from Jaws, 

"I think we need a bigger boat!" Except in this case, we need a bigger candle. Or crystal. Or glass of wine!

The boundaries are not clear (Saturn) and not much expansion in their relationship (Jupiter). She knows that something needs to change and be looked at (Pluto) but not exactly sure what. She really craves and desires a great relationship (Gemini North Node), but there are things that need to be "tweaked". Whether it's your partner, relationship or even personal goals/ambitions, this theme is interchangeable. The ball got rolling with Venus Retrograde, but has now spun out into 3 additional planets "backing her up".

Hopefully, we all came into contact with the areas of our lives that needed the most improvement within the past 2 weeks. 

Moving forward, we can gracefully tweak any necessary areas!

Retrogrades: Go back to God The best line I ever read about retrogrades was: they are us going home to God, our soul and our divine purpose. The zodiac wheel is normally shooting forward, clockwise, to produce a physical evolution. Retrogrades are the opposite of this forward moving masculine energy. 

It is a decent into our feminine mystical side that produces magickal results. So with all these retrogrades at hand, how to we navigate the waters? We dip deep into our Magickal Compass: our feelings and intuition. 

This is absolutely the strongest force in the Universe. 

Don't be fooled; water cuts through rock stronger than any other element! 

Feelings and intuition move the spirit realm, producing immediate effects in the physical world. This is all a set up for success. We have been show so much through this Quarantine and will continue to be moved in the right direction. 

Regardless of outside influence, we need to dig deep into our self and release any baggage of the past. I recently suggested trauma work to a friend and she snipped, "I've already done that before!" 

But the truth is, we never stop. 

We never stop getting to know ourselves and our wounds. 

We never stop healing. 

We never stop and rest on our laurels, or else we risk being reactors rather than creators.

And all of this work should be done, with compassion and gentleness.

Being alive is a masters course. And we are all doing immensely well!  This deep dive the Planets are offering is that masters course- the evolution of everything we have been working so hard for.This Soul Evolution will expedite our physical experience beyond what seems probable or possible. It's a shift; a new chapter. The kind that changes our entire lives and our future! Don't be afraid to feel during this time or to embrace what you are going through.

If you do, you will get true answers. And your whole life will change for the better! 



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