Retrogrades: A Beautiful Birthing

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My heart is exploding today.

We are at the very edge of Capricorn Moon, about to go into Aquarius Moon,

and it's the feeling of post-birth seeing the Baby.

It's more than the Moons- it's the Retrogrades.

Let's be honest... they are painful.

It's like labor.

It sucks and there is no way of bipassing the "sucky" phase.

The only way out, is through.

But, we just passed over the 3 major planets in retrograde over the past 3 days

and that SHOULD HAVE been intense for everyone. But after passing, and walking through the

pain, walking straight through the hellish experience, we realize just how freaking strong we are!!!

And then, the baby.

The New Manifestation.

It's painful... but it's amazing too.

And so that's why my heart is exploding today, because THE BABY!!!

When it's here, it's like,

everything in your life up until this point has brought you HERE.

Here, to this position where you have gathered everything you have

to defy the odds and produced a "baby" that will literally redefine your entire existence.

Tears? Yes.

Emotional? Yes.

Beautiful? Absolutely.

This is the part of humanity I can not get enough of!

I am IN LOVE with us humans... we do our best and we are so much more than we think we are.

Please take this in.

And know, you are UNCONDITIONALLY loved. You are so amazing!!!



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