Rest & Recharge (Libra)


SUN- Taurus

MOON- Libra

Hello, beauties!!!

It's been an intense couples of days, and Libra Moon is asking us to find balance

and harmony is our lives.

This is inevitably connected but in opposition to our responsibilities-

isn't is always???

Universe says "self-care" but we also have things to do!!!

Here's the thing: BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE!!!

Libra wants us to take it easy and slow, be gentle with ourselves

and not work ourselves to the bone. Venus knows that we need her.

We need goodness and love to sacrifice and serve in this world.

But it's so easy to put ourselves last.

One hour. That's all I ask. Take that time for YOU.

YOU need and deserve to disconnect and to be with LOVE.

Recharge before proceeding- it's necessary babies ;)



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