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I am really into psychodrama: a form of psychology that calls upon theatrics to dive into your subconscious. Kind of like, "fun" therapy! For those that enjoy dream analysis or have an artistic flare, you're really going to enjoy this!!!

So what I have my clients do is think of a fictitious character (tv, film, entertainment, books, etc.) that calls them. Do not try to analyze it just yet, but just what first comes to mind.

Note that it was especially jarring to me when my brain said, "Hannibal from the series on Hulu". But I rolled with it. Do not judge your choice, just go with it.

Next, think of what you admire about the character. I do admire the elegance of Hannibal. I admire that he is extremely intelligent and a genius therapist. I admire that he cooks such beautiful dishes. I admire that he wears perfectly pressed and tailored suits, has an epic home and seems to appreciate quality in life.

See how I am not judging myself for admiring a serial killer? You must do the same!

And once you have noted these things, it may be easy to see why you admire your character. They probably have redeeming qualities that you lack- that you'd love to embrace. But there is always more to the story:

We are at the very end of Scorpio Season; the end trails of Haedes. This is the final moment of death before birth. We are just on the precipice of change and our fictitious characters may hold the key to that change.

Hannibal is a great representative for Scorpio Season. The whole show is chaotic, dark, gritty and scary. And all the while, there's Hannibal, elegant as ever. He is a

bit of calm in the storm- in fact, he likes the storm. He creates the chaos around him

and he embraces it. He enjoys the game, like a Scorpio, of how to best control others

to make this situation work to his liking.

This is far from my personality. I hate to control people or to be controlled. I wear

my heart on my sleeve. I hate chaos and constantly find myself avoiding it at all

costs. But what Scorpio Season has taught me is that chaos is indefinite. There is no

escaping it. There is only what we create out of the chaos that matters.

I must mention that in the beginning (according to some religious and spiritual text) existence was chaos. It was everything that life is without life and without any

order. It was meaningless. Then Spirit spoke "let there be light" and there was. And

Spirit organized the chaos into beautiful form. Then everyone and everything had

purpose and had a plan.

This is my message for the end of Scorpio Season: it is your choice. Life is chaotic,

should we fear the chaos? Should we avoid the inevitable and run from it? Or is it

time we surrendered and made our own light?



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