Psychics, Prophets and Soothsayers

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Psychics, Prophets and Soothsayers

Since the beginning of time, we have all had a sixth sense. Some of us even went so far as to pursue this sense and found it was more than a hunch. It was a muscle.

Of course, some are more naturally endowed than others. It even baffles scientists that babies all respond to environmental stimuli differently. They're encoded with their own perceptions that seem to lead them down their own paths, individually.

So what is it that these "sensitives' are tapping into? What is it that validates and gives power to the psychics, prophets and soothsayers throughout history?

If I were to be religious, I would say the power comes from God or a god. There have been so many described throughout history. Some may argue it comes from within. Perhaps the experience of intuition is a part of our human biology and a way to sense when danger, or reward, is nearby. A part of the brain or nervous system we have yet to measure precisely.

Today, I offer another possibility that my quantum physics friends are going to enjoy: dimensions! Yes, alternate dimensions in which we are coming into contact with.

I have to admit, my childhood experiences reading the Bible actually led me to this conclusion. Jesus said we were vessels for God, or the Holy Spirit, but he didn't say we couldn't be vessels for other creatures as well. Hell, he spent a whole lotta time removing said spirits from people throughout the land!

But if we are able to channel some unseen spirit, that is a separate entity than us, does that mean we can tap into a heavenly realm of existence? Jesus also said quite a lot that "heaven is at hand". What the heck does that mean, besides, there is some force here waiting to be brought into existence?

Let's also look at the prayer he suggested for his followers:

Our Father, Who Art in Heaven... Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

WOW! Thy Kingdom come.. let heaven be created on earth, yes! Since we know contextually that Satan rules Hell and God rules Heaven. We must also conclude these are alternative dimensions and not physical places only accessible through death.

Let me also say here that not everyone interprets the Bible the same. So the idea of intolerance to people based on things like gender, politics or sexual orientation are guess what? Not in alignment with tolerance and love. I don't see a commandment that says, "treat people like crap ", but rather, "treat people like yourself". I would suggest, in some cases, to alleviate that treatment of criticism, judgement and intolerance. That is not love. We all have a lot to learn about what treating people with love looks like.

Off my soap box, the point of me describing this alternate dimension or dimensions, is wisdom. What do you want your life to be? What dimension do you want to coincide with yours?

I do not know for sure how many are out there- but why not explore this for your own benefit? Why not be a vessel for the world that you want to see?

That world will be different for everyone, but I bet there are some things we can all agree upon: peace, hope, love, acceptance, fun, cleanliness, etc. The list can go on and on, but perhaps these spirits we commune with are able to do more than give us advice; perhaps they can give us a new world!

So this week, I encourage all to play with this a bit. Perhaps it's not just about you changing our life, but allowing your life to be changed.



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