Open Mind = Manifest More!!!

For many, the wounds run deep when it comes to trusting anyone, especially Spirit, that is often referred to as God. We have many past experiences of feeling disappointed, hurt, abandoned, neglected; and are absolutely justified in our feelings! We may have cried out, in desperation, to a higher power during those times, to feel no spiritual awakening or intervention. We may have given up on prayer, altogether.

But keeping an open mind spiritually is really about finding the Spirit, God or path, that works for you. And this isn't ONLY in spiritual matters, but physical ones as well. It's an openness to possibility and support that might not be according to the path we expect. Support, intervention and love can come from MANY different places! If we stay limited in our beliefs, we stay limited as to what Miracles can appear in our existence.

We have better options that trudging through hardship. We don't have to go it alone! There are no rules when it comes to a spiritual life or to manifestion. You may be concentrated on manifesting a particular outcome, but avoiding and rejecting what is put in front of you. That very thing is THERE to teach you the lessons (or give you the support) to get what you ultimately want. Acceptance is key!

If we are to recover our Power, we are going to have to learn to trust someone or something to help us.

Today, I will learn to trust that I have Spirit willing to help me. It may come in the form of an experience, a friend, a stranger offering new information... it may be a feeling of calmness when I experience nature, or a traditional God that I believe in. It’s entirely up to me.

Whatever is put in your life, right now, in this moment... BLESS IT. It is here to BLESS YOU.

The only way out of pain, is love. And that is something you can give to yourself, and life, today.

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