Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Sun 18°19' Aquarius

Moon 25°48' Cancer

Mercury 6°04' Pisces

Venus 29°47' Pisces

Mars 23°57' Sagittarius

Jupiter 15°06' Capricorn

Saturn 25°48' Capricorn

Uranus 2°59' Taurus

Neptune 17°18' Pisces

Pluto 23°38' Capricorn

Chiron 2°49' Aries

Good Morning & Happy Friday to the most BEAUTIFUL ANGELS receiving this message!

I have HOPE and a horoscope for you, today:

Take it in, because I know, lately things have been like a pressure cooker!

There is a lot of pushing down right now (3 Planets in Capricorn ruled by Saturn),

particularly in the areas of expansion, boundaries/limitation and transformation.

And I know that is scary. I KNOW, I am living it too! LOL.

But in times like this, let's all recognize... we can resist (and allow the message to persist), or we can lean in.

The fear is if we lean in, what if that's not really us?

What if it's not the right path?

What if this is a temporary thing... and everything is going to go back to how it was?

Honey, the FATE CARD (Wheel of Fortune) has spoken!

It's telling us that WE HAVE TO CHANGE.

We have to evolve in order to live the most amazing

& magickal life imaginable.


Your Guides are congratulating you for your restraint.

You have kept your wits about you, even in circumstances that tested the limits.

Today, you will have a greater connection to Spirit and the Divine (Cancer Moon ruled by the planet of

Magick, Neptune).

This will allow for not only a sense of hope, optimism and dreaminess....

But it will allow your creativity to spark.

Creativity begets creation!

No matter what field you are in... or whether or not you consider yourself "creative", you are.

We all visualize possibility and set about Manifesting it. This is the greatest, and sometimes the most challenging, work we do. We have faith that Spirit will Guide, protect and aid us in our quest. We have faith we are

doing what is desired by the Higher Powers that Be (God/Universe/Spirit).

And then... WE SUCCEED!

Remember, you are developing. It will be baby steps while in Capricorn, so that our path is clearly defined.

This is a time to take inventory of what is happening in your life and to produce a quality existence,

rather than an urgent band-aid to circumstances that are not working.

Rome was not built in a Day.

Weight does not come off in 1 gym session.

Contracts are not signed, as you are constructing your resume.

I recently did a video on Shadow Work, using Demi Lovato as an example:

If your faith is not carrying you through... if you continuously beat yourself up for not

getting to your outcome fast enough, recognize you are in FIGHT. FLIGHT. FREEZE. Survival mode.

Give yourself the time it takes.

Expedite by recognizing the path.... Here is where I am. There is where I want to be.

Just the recognition, alone, can organize your intention to have a more powerful focus.

But ignorance, my beauties, is a place NO ONE deserves to be!



Psychic Reading:

SALE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see what's ahead for YOUR FUTURE!!!

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