Mercury Retro- Shadow Period

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Good Morning, Beauties!

Sun 22°21' Aquarius

Moon 24°41' Virgo

Mercury 10°27' Pisces

Neptune 17°26' Pisces

Node 7°29' Я Cancer

I want to point out a few planets, here, so you can see what an astrologer is seeing.

Virgo & Pisces are the healers (spiritual/mental) of the Zodiac. They both are associated

with Waters... going deep.

Aquarius, is the WATER bearer.

And Cancer is ruled by Neptune and the Moon, both Water signs.

This may sound like Mumbo-Jumbo, but the Universe is being VERY clear about it's intention.

We can have ALL the practical solutions in the world, but it falls flat without Spiritual help.

We all need to call upon Spirits to help us- the Spirit of Love, Clarity, etc.

Whatever that means to you. But today, call upon your Spirits and Guides for Help.

You don't always need a candle or something special to invoke a little extra help... and Spirit is

reminding us that the results are ALWAYS better with divine intervention.

Mercury Retro is going to shadow especially beginning tomorrow.

But the nice thing about the Mercury Retro is that it will be in Pisces (a spiritual/emotional healing).

When our Planets are moving forward, we are evolving in the Physical Realm.

When it moves backwards, we are coming closer to God, Spirit or Universe.

So do not fear Retrogrades. Work with them! You'll be better off because of it.

I will be on today, whenever you need to chat. You do not have to go through this dark period alone, babies!


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