Mercury Retro Ahhhhh

Mercury Retrograde So Mercury has gone retrograde in Pisces. FASCINATING! So amazing and wonderful because 2019 is such a transitional year across the board. This is one of those years that can be referred to as a pivot point, that transitions us from the past 20 years or so, to the future 20 years ahead! So how does Mercury fit in? Well, because it's Pisces! And Pisces on a good day is spiritual, artistic, beautiful and dreamy. On a bad day it's overwhelmed by emotions, delusional and stuck in a dream or fantasy without bringing that into reality. On my Facebook page, I have been doing #TheSecretChallenge that fits so perfectly with this season. I am a Manifestation coach and I loathe illusions, trickery or anything that isn't real. We implore the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration to get us moving in the right direction. But if it's been 15 years of nothing, nothing, no results... something's gotta change! And VVVVwaallllaaa! I am here to assist you in the changing game. Spirit is so committed to living the best life through us, they don't want us to fail. So sometimes we need a little break down to break through the BS! And that's what's happening across the globe. Ideas, emotions and delusions are being broken down so that TRUTH can shine through. And to really manifest, we have to be open, objective and live in the light. Recognizing Poison It depends which house Pisces falls for you; for me it's the house of death. This denotes a transformation that is something like a death of what's not working. And Pisces being an emotional sign, we have to recognize that emotions are energy (thoughts) in motion. So how do we stop this process and make real changes? First, we STOP. We actually pivot. For those that have played baseball or softball, imagine running up to the mound. During that sprint you first have to think about running as fast as you possibly can, but then positioning yourself properly to pivot over the mound. It takes an entire thought process to slow down, at the right speed, and STOP on the mound before going in a new direction. Everything in our life occurs the same way. We have to slow down and stop at the mound. We have to slow down our behaving, feeling and thinking in a way to get very objective about what's going on in our lives. And for those who think, "like attracts like", STOP. I know books say we are like magnets, but I prefer puzzle pieces. When one person gives one energy, it attracts another person who either likes that energy or needs that energy. This week will be about slowing down and recognizing those detox beliefs and patterns that aren't our fault. If you believe you will never get ahead in life, you probably had A LOT of disappointment. If you believe you aren't lovable, you probably were unloved or mistreated by people who were supposed to love you. This isn't your fault nor is it acceptable. It was NEVER acceptable. You always deserved better. That is the healing process that is occurring and allowing us to step forward into a new reality. I see so many addicted, or stuck, in a pattern they don't want to be in. Maybe it's as simple as, "life is hard". Bless your future life and recognize your life used to be hard, unfair and painful... but it doesn't have to be that way any longer. You no longer have to be a victim, you can be the champion of your own existence. This comes from a previous victim. I was an ACTUAL victim of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Dark, right? Lol. I know. I bring it up and see the eyes widen and that awkward tension build up. But I am really okay with my story and my past. You know why? Because I deserved better. I deserved to be loved, protected, respected and valued. I ALWAYS deserved that even if I didn't get it. And that's not the Universe's fault... that's the predators fault. That's on them. And now as an adult fully capable of standing up, protecting, loving and respecting myself, I do! I deserved it then, I deserve it now, but I can also DO IT now. It always always comes back to us. We have to show the world our worth and project that love, respect, protection onto others. We can't give away what we don't have. So this week, give yourself the love, validation, respect, boundaries and encouragement you ALWAYS deserved. With Love, Grace 30 Minutes, Discounted Pricing

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