Mercury Direct: Problem Solving

Welcome Magickal Beauties,

Thank you for joining us for another exciting edition of Magickal Grace. Good News: Mercury has gone direct!!!

Now, from my Esoteric charts, Mercury has not gone direct in Gemini just yet, 

but will do so this week. YAY! So if you are not feeling the full effect, that may be why.

This may look like miscommunication, not feeling heard, not getting anywhere with romantic partners and all the various forms of adverse thinking and communicating. But the good news is, that will all change. We are soon to get on the "same page".

Another interesting development is the positioning of Mars and Neptune. This year, they have been sitting close together which can really confuse our feelings. Though they are beautiful energies, they are in some ways oppositional. Mars brings action and fight; Neptune brings confusion and sacrifice. At certain times, this can really ring in our egos. But in moments where we need to fight for ourselves, this can really throw us off and make us feel guilty for fighting for our needs to be met. 

But good news again, Mars and Neptune are growing apart. This will make the necessary standing our ground or going for what we need, a little easier. It will also make our spirituality and connection a little more clear.

And though it's been a beautiful Gemini Season, we are also by week's end verging on Cancer Season. What I have observed so far is, "I don't need a father... I need a mother" and this is what we ALL need. We need maternal energy to fight our battles. 

This of course has nothing to do with male/female, but the internal maternal mother that is present in every human being. We need this energy to come through us; to act as a conduit. We also need it present in others, to heal our wounds. 

So if you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by this year, look ahead to this season!

It can be a beautiful opportunity to recharge ourselves in a loving way. And feel the divine love of the Universe that is there for us unconditionally. 

This may come as, "god with skin on", in the form of family, friends and support systems. Please accept and pursue this support that you deserve! Your health, happiness and love are spiritual rights. Never forget it, beauties!




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