Mastering Difficulty (you got this)

Hello Magikal Beauties,

I am so happy you're here joining me for another edition.

I hope you're enjoying the beauty that is spring! And looking forward

to the future. It is bright- never forget that!

This week I have really felt a lot of your frustrations. I know so many

of you had plans, dreams and goals for the future that was halted by

the pandemic. I know that so many of us are suffering with a feeling of

isolation, loneliness and unrelenting repetition day after day.

Here is our moment to pause and reflect on how we respond to this situation.

People may think that being a psychic or spiritual advisor is all about

predictions for the future. No way! I would say the majority of the work is

actually gaining clarity and direction from Spirit to light your path.

We can not always choose the path we are on, but we always have a choice

how we respond to the situation. And this is very important; this is your

character! This absolutely defines your future, more than anything else.

Choosing to be Challenged

Did you ever cheat in school? I did. At least a dozen times. Or, I cut corners. I have taken at least 3 years of Spanish, surrounded by a family that speaks Spanish, and guess you still can not speak Spanish fluently? Yup, you guessed it!

Why? I cut corners. In my defense, I had a lot going on, but isn't that always the

excuse? Psychology defines this "excusing our own behavior" by a term called

the actor-observer difference. It states, we see other people's behavior as dispositional, or dependent on their character. But when we see our behavior as

situational, based on what's happening outwardly to affect us.

And I get it- sometimes we need to just survive. We need to just get to the next

level in life and we do not have the time or energy to properly learn the lessons

along the way.

So we become conditioned to cut corners, because it never catches up with us....

until IT DOES.

And it catches up with us in unexpected ways, like, trying for 3 months to find a

mate and still running dry. It catches up with us working 3 years at a company

and still never seeing a promotion and feeling deflated. It catches up with us

when we have been dieting for 2 months and we aren't skinny; what the heck!?

What gives!?!?

Some things in life take longer: FACT. And the things we were able to bypass and never learn taught us we could live life faster, better and smarter. We didn't have to put in the time or the energy. It didn't make a difference.

But, it actually did! Why? Our character. It didn't teach us a deep

sense of perseverance and integrity. It didn't mold us into faith the way it had in other areas of our life. It taught us the spurts of energy were just as good as a consistent and detailed plan executed with great care.

And we suffered because of it. When we didn't meet our goals on our timelines, we

began to question our self worth. We wondered, if it takes this much effort, maybe it is not meant to be? We gave up on our pursuits and then felt an overwhelming

sense of defeat and guilt.

What we used to survive situationally, has now caught up with us dispositionally. We are hard on ourselves- because that used to work to get us moving. We give

up, because we don't know how to go on. We judge ourselves harshly because we never learned that when we fail, we need to be objective and review our behavior,

and try again.

I am not here to tell you, "you should have done better". I am here to tell you, YOU ARE BETTER. You, with the big heart and big dreams, you are not what

the shame is telling you.

And when something is hard and difficult to achieve, good! Good, because it is NEVER TOO LATE to master difficulty. It is never too late to build a character so bulletproof, that no situation can throw you off your game. Nothing can intimidate you. Every situation is an opportunity for you, the person putting out neural-electric waves into the Universe, to up your game!!!

Spirit is choosing you now, to learn to believe in yourself.

This is your moment to overcome by supporting yourself with rationale, love

and openness.

Are you ready for change?



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