Manifestation & Resentment (Step 1)

We manifest everyday of our lives.

We manifest when we roll out of bed in the morning, we manifest when we make coffee and we manifest when we get ready for our days. Manifestation is a subconscious process and independent on our dreams, goals or ambitions. It is dependent upon what we have been programmed to believe.

For example, if I were to want a romantic relationship, I would set out to find an ideal partner. I might make a list of attributes for that person and the things we might do. However (a big however), this doesn't mean much if we do not have a strong foundation is integrity, self-love/respect, honesty and worth.

I may meet someone that fulfills my list, but what attributes makes the list? Are they truly the best for me? And what if I have an ideal, but I am not the ideal to my ideal partner?

This is where Manifestation gets TRICKY. This is where we run into walls, yet instead of exploring other possibilities, we fight the wall. We armor ourselves up with useful tools to take the wall down. We fight harder & faster without considering underlying issues, such as, inauthenticity (check out my post Gift of Authenticity). We try to fulfill an ideal without considering that the ideal may be someone else's.

If we look at the Law of Attraction, we see that we are attracting a life based upon our beliefs. But what if the beliefs are off? I have done many articles and radio shows about this; only 5% of our thinking is conscious, meaning, you are fighting against 95% of subconscious beliefs. Kind of a losing battle.

Why not go straight to the Source of our beliefs- and clean house?

Why not face our Subconscious beliefs head on and make sure they align with our True & Most Authentic Selves?


Deconstructing our beliefs isn't all that difficult. It takes a ton of awareness and accurate information, as well as an outside "witness" to your beliefs. Unlike some manifestation tools that have you only focusing that 5% mental power on believing you can have it all... you can access the 95% to align yourself Spirit, Body and Soul.

Resentments are basically stored anger in the body, but it goes deeper than that. If we understand emotions, we understand anger is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath anger is loss, disappointment, shame and grief. It is a feeling of being f&*%ed over by life and being incapable of changing it.

I am here to help you change it.

Most people don't understand they are angry or feel their emotions. They try to Manifest from a mental place, when manifesting comes from within.

If you truly want to Manifest authentically & easily, you have to lift up the hood on your brain and see what's beneath. Clean out old disempowering emotions/thoughts and replace them with your Truth. From this, will will heal disappointments and attract a life of fulfillment.

No snake oil here; just the cold hard but amazing truth.

The alternative is continuing to fulfill patterns that have not worked in the past.

There must be a better way! There is:

Do a 5 Column on a piece of scratch paper:

Column 1- What you are resentful @ (angry, disappointed, unhappy with, etc.)

Column 2- Why resentful

Column 3- What it Steals from you (happy, joy, innocence, friendships, esteem, etc.)

Column 4- How you reacted to the situation/ resentment (passive aggressive, withdrawn, etc.)

Column 5- What it Taught you about Life (Not to trust, feel, express self, believe self or others)

At the end of every Resentment, I want you to think of an experience, feeling, situation, parent/guardian or circumstance this relates to in childhood.

For example, if you resent an emotionally unavailable partner, did you have an emotionally unavailable or neglectful parent? What did that parent teach you about Life? If so, do a whole Resentment on this parent.

You will begin, through this writing exercise, to see patterns based on your beliefs.

You might see yourself chasing after something- love, security, validation in an attempt to fulfill something that was never there. The beliefs got imprinted, and so did your reactions. Thus, you became prisoner to your own stored anger, loss and grief. You became a prisoner to a belief that should have never been.

I want us to remove these beliefs from their roots,

so that for the rest of your life,

you will ONLY seek fulfillment from the inside-out.

You will NO LONGER have to seek outside validation and can truly manifest from a place of happiness, joy, success and fulfillment. More of that will come. And your life will be a joy to live!

This is the beginning of the exercise. If you truly want YOUR BEST LIFE, do the exercise. Allow the emotions to rise & find compassion for yourself. It's not your fault; it is your choice to heal and be free of old beliefs.

With Love,


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