Magic of the Rose Bush

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Good Morning, Beauties! 

I have a little Tale for you all. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Magical Story. 

Once upon a time... 

There was a Beautiful Rose Bush. 

This bush produced some of the most incredible flowers the village had ever seen. Shades of Lilac, blue and silver that shinned in the valiant summer day as bright as the Sun. 

Yet one day, someone noticed the eccentric colors of the Rose bush. 

Unaccustomed to the Blues and Silvery tones- the person shouted, "this is the work 

of the devil!" The whole town gasped in fear, cowarding at the accusation. 

The poor bush shriveled slightly. 

How could this be true? 

It spent all it's day producing beautiful roses, how could anyone believe 

this was the work of some evil force? 

The Man grabbed an ax, and began to cut the bush down to it's limbs. 

The villagers watched in horror, too shocked to intervene. 

Once the bush was entirely cut down, the villagers were left with a sense of emptiness.

The beautiful Lilac and electric blue roses were gone. A sense of saddness came me over them, 

and regret. What was once beautiful, innocent and free, now seemed dark, 

scary and jaded with the butchery of the assailant. 

Winter came, and the only colors reminiscent of the Rose Bush were found in the Heavens.

The village looked up and saw the Electric blue sky with hints of purple; 

The Bright Silver Moon that brought them comfort. If the Heavens were filled with these luminous colors, why could the ground not be as well? 

They were all too afraid to be accused as witches and warlocks.

If the Purple Roses returned, would that mean them evil? No. And they were not. 

They were as natural as the sky itself. They had done nothing wrong, but in fear, 

allowed a bitter man to cut down the beauty of their town. 

As Spring came, they longed for their Magical Rose Bush. 

They began to tell tales of the Bush and it's magical powers. 

The things it could do, even if it was an exaggeration, brought them hope! 

Suddenly, a child yelled out, "Come look! Come look! They are Back! The Magic is Back!" 

The villagers followed the child to whence the Magical Rose Bush had been. 

From what was a singular rose bush now stood 20. 

20 new Magical Rose Bushes covered in Lilac, Blues, Silver tones and even Gold as well!

The villagers stood gasping in amazement. 

Tear one Magic Tree down, and watch 20 more spring up in it's place. 

Perhaps the Rose Bush was Magic after all. 

If you are wondering why this story, I simple say, Scorpio Season. 

It may feel as if you are being torn down and ripped apart. There is something painfully dying, but I encourage you to not give up hope! 

When one is cut down, 20 more spring up in it's place! 

The Universe is a Magical place with a dedication to Miracles. 

You are not exception; Nay! You are a Channel for Miracles, Magic and Mystery. 

Do not give up, or accept the darkness as it is. There is so much to come.


This is pertinent right now, with Mercury Retrograde, Scorpio Season and the many energies that are a last moment for Transformation. 

You are absolutely beautiful... 

And perhaps, Magic after all! 

With Love,


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