Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Welcome Magickal Beauties! 

I am so happy to be back for Magickal Grace.

Let's start calling forth your BEST LIFE!!!

I had a very special guest recently, Jay Varvel, on my 12Radio show.

The message of that show was, "keep moving towards the goal". 

And I think that is SUCH a powerful message for 2020!!!

As I write this, we have 5 Planets retrograde, that can reflect the immense amount of change taking place. Change isn't always comfort. When I think back to the biggest "change" moments of my life, they usually include pain, uncomfortability and unexpected events.

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

And I don't think there is any one person out there that would argue against this for 2020.

But, what I also want to remember, is what happened afterwards. 

It's been awhile since I thought about my grandfather. He raised me, like a father, and was a consistent and stabilizing force in my life. His last years on earth were not easy. It was a slow, painful and uncomfortable process. And losing him made it all the more painful. 

Of course, I wanted him to have peace. I wanted him to be happy. But do I miss him everyday? I do. I really wish, especially these past few weeks, that I could just hug him and hear his voice. 

After his passing, everything seemed to fall apart. Or rather, seemingly fell apart. 

Truth is,everything was falling into place.

I have to constantly remind myself, God or your concept of God (Universe/Spirit/etc.) never closes one door without opening another. What I have come to find as "faith" for myself is actually experience. Remembering these hard times, and how, even though I felt hurt and alone- I was never abandoned by my Actual Higher Parent. 

My Higher Power. My Concept of God. My Light and My Love. 

That force continues to move through me, sometimes taking me to places I do not want to go. But then when the journey is over, "ah ha" moment: this was all a part of the bigger plan. 

For you that are reading this, please accept my virtual hug. 

Please hug and comfort yourself. 

The confusion, overwhelm and unexpected this year has been painful.

It is inevitably going to affect us, whether we recognize it or not. 

But we can choose to have Faith. 

We have all been through Hades; through the Darkness.

And in the end, the Darkness never won, because we are the Light. 

You are the Light and you are Love.

Please never forget this, my brothers and sisters of the Higher Actual Parent. 

Never forget that Good always Wins. And you will always Prevail. 



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