I hope you all are ENJOYING this Mercury Retrograde (yes, you heard me)!

It is part of the significant eclipse yesterday- bringing this year into focus.

We psychics have said it; 2019 is a PIVOT POINT! We are pivoting into a more spectacular existence!

For instance, I am starting a YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!

You got it... not just documentaries once a year, but a channel where I can upload MANY videos that pertain to healing, mysticism and manifesting.

Even writing this email I feel the URK! We have such a short attention span for long winded emails.

So let me get to the point:


My production co. is finishing up a spooktacular documentary that will be coming to the online screen, shortly.

From there (this fall) YOUTUBE will be in full bloom. And OMG will y'all be blown away. We are leaving NO information left behind!

Find "Psychic Grace" on Youtube & subscribe for updates!


Get organized. We are like mothers/fathers nesting for something big. Are you ready?

Are you organized? Are you being responsible & loving to yourself and others?


Our thoughts are not original. We do not think, so much as we remember. 95% of our thinking is new experiences through our subconscious filter. It's same same same same, which is why so many damn fears constantly come up!

So when you find yourself negatively thinking, catch yourself !

Recognize this isn't about how something bad will happen... it's about how something bad DID happen!

And if you need help for this, I keep the Time Based Session on this as low as if allowed:


i can also recommend many reputable resources on this if finances are an issue. I am available, constantly,

send me an email. I promise; I am not a money grubbing troll. I truly want to see YOU be happy. Happy person, happy world! Get it girl!

And finally, be kind to yourself... Just for today. No matter what you are going through- EVERYONE

deserves kindness!

Love you all,


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