Inner World Creates Outer World

I am SO EXCITED to be starting my very own Radio Show, Sacred Grace, May 2nd on where we will be going into great detail about MANIFESTING. If you didn't know, I am a Manifestation coach, and love nothing more than seeing people manifest their dreams, goals and best life.

It's just... MAGIC!!!! So what I wanted to talk about in this article is the idea of Inner v. Outer world.

"As below so above" - Hermetic axiom

We Manifest from the level of our subconscious (where feelings most often come from). We manifest, hand-in-hand with our Higher Power, experiences that shift our consciousness. They may be hard lessons, but they are lessons we need to learn. Knowing this, we accept, our outer manifestations are only as healthy as our inner reality.

Case in point: Many years and lifetimes ago, I was in a relationship extremely unsuited for me. How? Why? Low self-esteem, terror, trauma, people pleasing, etc. I was manifesting at the level of what I needed (safety, security, protection) but not at the level of my highest most amazing life. By far. My story was supporting this inner reality or narrative. I won't go into it, but basically, if there is a head there is a tail. If there is a girl in an unhealthy relationship... there is a story line that led up to this. It all makes PERFECT sense when we look at the story.

But what happens when the story changes???? My biological father passed away in 2015 and my half-brother, I had never met, came from Japan to take care of things. MASSIVE SHIFT. I overnight went from lonely only child, to little sister. Suddenly I had a transformative shift of consciousness. My whole narrative changed. I had protection, love, security, self-esteem and worth (what fathers are suppose to give to daughters).

It was almost like my absent father ascended and sent me a little gift. This makes sense since he HATED the relationship I was in and point blank told me, "You are too scared to go it alone. You think you need this guy, but he is using you." Ouch. It was like waking up from a hazy dream and realizing my role in my own story. Realizing, I was living based on a narrative that can change so quickly depending on my perspective. I didn't have to stay stuck, but I had no other tools to get out. With a little awareness comes a whole lot of opportunity to make changes. I got out, I moved on. I completely transformed from that little weak girl I felt I was to a champion for myself. Now, if I would have HAD a father to teach me all of this growing up, I would have never gotten into that relationship in the first place. But we can not change that... what we CAN change, and what the experience taught me, is that as a daughter of this world I ALWAYS deserved protection, love, security and self-worth. I didn't need a subpar, unhealthy relationship to feed me. This experience shift the narrative in a dramatic way:

Weak little girl...

Girl who was TOLD she was weak & unprotected... but is she? You Manifest your narrative; but your narrative may have been delivered by unhealthy, toxic people. DO NOT allow them to continue affecting and ruining your life. Change the story. He used and abused her... (change to) He was a DICK... she was a survivor... she got out! He never made money... he was broke... He never knew his worth, then he realized he ALWAYS had massive worth! She held herself back... she was afraid to move forward. She loved herself enough to forgive her inaction and compassionately heal her wounds. When she was ready, she rose up, like a fierce Phoenix out of the Ashes.

ALL OF HER DREAMS are being manifested. So the question I now have for you... what's your story? Is it working FOR or AGAINST you?


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