Icarus too Close to the Sun

Updated: May 26, 2020

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Aries Season Continues

We are continuing on with Aries Season (in esoteric astrology) and the temperature is getting hot, hot and more hot! 

Last week we spoke of the mythology of Aries/Mars Season, but today I will present another: Icarus who flew too close to the Sun. 

The bravery of Aries energy is well toted for being able to blaze trails everywhere it goes. But it is equally known for it's inability to foresee danger or consequences for it's outstanding courage. 

Icarus is the perfect mythology for this type of energy because we have all been there. We have all become offended and thus reactive, but said something we couldn't take back. Perhaps we pushed too hard in athletics and caused an injury. Perhaps we (by we I mean me...) went too hard on those iced coffees, and couldn't sleep that night, leaving us grumpy and exhausted the next day. 

We have all been Icarus in some form or another. But the big lesson of this season is not to suppress our bravery, it's to properly channel it using the logical/analytical mind also known in mythology as Mercury. 

Mercury is the planet associated with merchants and money. Mercury is a hustler, baby, and knows how to create proper channels for ideas and wealth. A doer; a mover and a shaker, Mercury loves to be productive just like Aries. The difference between these two signs? One rushes to fight, one rushes to examine. What a perfect duo they make! 

So expect for the next two weeks, to see Aries/Mars energy begin finding it's proper channels and operating from it's higher vibration. Expect yourself, and others, to have absolutely brilliant ideas that could manifest wealth and success immediately! Haven't gotten your stimulus check just yet? All proper channels are coming forward. Haven't heard from that job that got suspended? Don't be surprised if they do still need talent on board! 

There is so much possibility with this energy, we may as a world have a massive break through in our defenses against this virus. Again, this is all good news, if we allow ourselves to validate our true feelings and to properly create channels for change. We can do this! And we will do this, together. 

Blessings, Grace

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