How to Keep a Man

You don't.

Boy oh boy, the lies out there! My whole life, men were always the goal. A good education, a fit body, a great job... all for what? Marriage? The 60's are over, but there is an ingrained sense of male v. female dynamics that is hard to shake.

Watching Madmen for the first time, I realize we haven't altogether left that era. And I hate it. We deserve more- you deserve more!

Per the documentary (Psychic: A Gift of Grace), people usually ask about love or money, Usually both and there is nothing wrong with that! Love is one of the most fun and salacious of conversations I thoroughly enjoy! But I hate to hear women who have been wounded by men ghosting, disappearing or abandoning... perhaps even cheating. So I wanted to give a reality check to all women about the TRUTH about men and women.

A cheater, is a cheater.

An abandoner, is an abandoner.

Comment below if there are further types I am leaving out! But in my experience, these are the two most common, leaving women confused and wounded. If you grew up with an emotionally unavailable parent, you know the abandoner well. We lead into relationships with our psyche, whether we like it or not.

If you had a lying or cheating parent, you lead with your psyche in that department. You perhaps oversee his girlfriend because he dumps her, after he meets you. Then, he dumps you when he meets Sally, Jane or Annabelle. It's a horrible feeling. But if you were never there- the same would have happened.

If you were the perfect wife, friend, girlfriend or lover... he would've done the same. Men run from emotional engagement and commitment because of their inability to succeed. They are insecure, scared little boys afraid of being shamed and abandoned. So they lead with THEIR psyche by shaming and abandoning. They project THEIR issues onto you without knowing.

Send them the therapy; don't enable this kind of behavior.

And if they won't? Dump them, and tell them why.

You should NEVER be in a relationship with a stranger.

Nor is cheating ever a great start to a relationship. "He was kind of dating this girl...." is never how you want to tell the story of your great love. If he was involved with someone else and upgraded onto you, RUN FOR THE HILLS. He is a cheater. A greater little entitled boy, or girl, perhaps with their own psychological issues, wreaking havoc on the dating world. It's not fair and not your fault. It's his fault for thinking this kind of thinking or behaving is acceptable.

Lastly, I get asked to perform spells or spiritual magic on these men. If I were to somehow control their free will, is that true love? Is that truly the best relationship one can have? Or is it like the movie The Favorite? Sacrificing true love for seduction?

I know there are plenty of women and men with issues. We ALL have our issues. But romantic relationships are where we see the TRUTH of our psyche. It's time to stop running and using relationships to fulfill something in ourselves that is deeply void. Our psyche seeks out these prototypes to fix the wounds of our parental or environmental experiences during childhood. Bullying, abuse and shame can all lead us into toxic and dysfunctional relationships based on insecurity.

I believe you deserve BETTER and will focus this week's 12 RADIO on that subject. How to TRULY MANIFEST the relationship OF YOUR DREAMS!!!!

Love you all; expect magic, and get it !

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