Haunted Homes & Warnings!!!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

In my years doing paranormal investigations, I'm often asked 

"How does a house become haunted?" 

This is a very basic, yet utterly important question.

How you proceed to investigate a "haunted" home is usually determined by it's origins. 

Was activity occurring PRIOR to a resident taking occupancy there,

or did it begin AFTER they moved in?

There are two TYPES of haunts, a residual haunt and an intelligent haunt

A residual haunt is similar to an old record player, in which the needle gets stuck on a certain part, and keeps playing the same portion of the song over and over again.

A residual haunt is the result of some form of traumatic energy which typically occurred BEFORE a resident moved in. 

It can be tied to a building, OR it can be tied to a property that the building is built upon. 

For instance, if a man or a woman was killed in a jealous rage on @ 11pm,  that trauma may literally STAIN the environment for years later. An occupant may hear footsteps or any variety of activity each night at 11pm. 

The energy isn't aware that you are there, nor is it trying to interact with you.

It's simply replaying itself over and over again.

An intelligent haunt, however, is something entirely different.  An intelligent haunt KNOWS you are there and very much wants to play with you.  This can be in a loving way, or in a malevolent way.  There are cases where an intelligent haunt is active PRIOR to a tenant moving in (which is subject to the history of the house/property).  In my experience, the majority of intelligent haunts are brought forth through invitation (invoking negative spirits).

It sounds cliche, but warnings of not using Ouja boards are quite true. 

Ouja boards were never meant to be mass produced and sold as "family entertainment". Originally they were used  exclusively by mediums in the early 1800s and known as "Talking Boards". 

They are literally a calling card to the dead.  You are sending an invitation to the other side and what comes through may be positive OR something else (something with sinister intent). 

I could pinpoint many cases of demonic activity which have originated from the use of Ouja. The overall point is, be respectful of the spirit realm. Do not push your luck for the sake of having a few laughs with your friends at a party!

Investigating a haunted property must be approached carefully and preferably by those trained. If you do reside in a location which you believe is haunted, try to validate your experiences safely by use of a camera or with a digital voice recorder. Do not make demands or challenge a spirit/entity. Capturing evidence in a safe way will lend credibility and can assist an investigator on how to best approach your case.

If you do believe you are experiencing anything unusual and/or unexplained, we are always available to help guide you. Stay  safe and be vigilant !

Brian Hopson

Paranormal Expert & Investigator

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