February: The Month of LOVE

Welcome to February, Magickal Beauties!

It is finally here!!! The month of February is the month of LOVE!

And since it is in winter time, you might be thinking, how can one plant seeds during this season

that should grow?

By all accounts, metaphysical and natural, any harvest planted during the winter is not to succeed. We are too late to plant new seeds- but I say to you today, you are NOT too late this season!!!

Love is like a potato that defies even the harshest of winters. It keeps full populations alive

amongst a draught and saves us from falling into darkness. Love is a crop that can grow, or be harvested, any season of the year. This is both in the natural and in the spirit realm.

The reason is, you were born with love. It has already been planted within you.

You are merely tending to its harvest that wants to grow wild and supply the whole world with its nutrients. And you are a channel for this love.

So if you are looking for more love to bloom in your life, where to start?

I will be encouraging you often this month to take some steps to grow your harvest.

Let's start today with connecting with the love in your life. It doesn't matter if it's the love of an animal, the love of a pet or a romantic love. Just write a list of all the areas in life in which you give, and receive, love.

May this season bring you an abundance of love that your heart has never known.



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