Fear Itself (Retrogrades)

One thing Esoteric astrology taught me early on, is when the Sun is close to another planet,

it will outshine it!!!

You may want to check your birth chart to see if this is the case for you!

Right now, it is currently the case for Mercury, that is being out-shone by the Sun.

What does that mean?

Rough communication

Hard time hearing Spirit

Technology Issues

Basically, it looks like a little Mercury Retrograde. And I am so sorry, lol!

I know how we all feel about Mercury R, but it's time to DO the work.

The Moon is also going to be going over 3 Retrograde planets in the next 2-3 days.

Buckle up, it can be emotional.

So what "work" needs to be done is dependent on the individual. I talked this week about

Uranus going R, which would block some forward action. Some adversity that has been below the

surface is bound to come up and demand that we deal with these things.

Neptune/Uranus can deal with a lot of fears, phobias, mental distress or disorders.

This may be a situation that plagues your mind and heart.

Have no fear! You don't have to overcome this battle alone.

Just be aware that this MAY come up for you. And instead of resisting it, love yourself and forgive yourself for the past. You can overcome ANYTHING!!!



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