Daily Grace: Be a Champion

Be a Champion:

As you can imagine with psychic abilities, the enormity of people struggling can be overwhelming. The Aquarian North Node in me wants to help EVERYONE but I can not do so to the detriment of myself. This was a lesson I had to learn along the way that was humbling, inspiring and absolutely healing. Our individual cups have to overflow if we want to help, change and reform the world for the better!

I am not a guru—I am a catalyst! A mover & a shaker, like all of you. You have this beautiful day to be a good loving champion for yourself and then others. We need to always remember that we are agents or channels for a higher good, but do not need to overwhelm ourselves with pressure to be perfect, have all the answers, or to even know the bigger picture. We are delightfully messy humans (fun, right? lol).

And that it an attainable position that can turn damage into communion.

It can help others through a sense of unity!

We are only here to tell our truth and live our best lives. We are not here to enslave, control or pressure others.

We do not NEED others approval, because we approve of ourselves on a daily basis.

We encourage ourselves and grow a thick skin between our self-acceptance and the opinion of others.

You have A LOT going for you. Today, work on yourself; work on encouraging yourself to the fullest capacity (then others). No one ever helped another person by taking their pain into the world. But we can all help each other, by turning ruin into purpose.

Be that purpose. Be that inspiration.

Start from inside & allow others to help you.

Think of the 5 Things you have going for you this morning. Change the tune; change the narrative <3.

This is your life- be your own CHAMPION!




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