Chiron in Pisces: Accountable

Mercury Retrograde was tough. Then I had a vistor to my Magickal Grace Facebook page that

commented, "just wait till Chiron retrograde".

The Bad news: Chiron R is happening this year

The Good news: It has already been retrograde and you are doing great!!!

We don't have to fear the Wounded Healer in Pisces, Chiron, going retrograde and bringing

up past wounds from childhood. We have already been living it! And in this sign, we have

to really evaluate our side of the street v. others.

Chiron in Pisces tends to be the sacrificial lamb, and it's not fair. Perhaps your needs were not met or put first in childhood. This can prone the psyche to feeling guilty or shameful for asking for their needs or wants. It can make you constantly prone to being #2, never #1, in your own life.

This needs to stop. The sensitivity to other's and their pain, problems or emotions... needs to stop!We need to focus on ourselves and dare to be #1.

Chiron is placed near Mars, so this may affect our actions as well. We need to take things a day at a time and instead of relying on ourselves for support and direction, consider asking for spiritual help to have the strength to take the next indicated action. If we overthink things too much, we may end up in analysis- paralysis or a shame cycle.

Let it be know, you are deserving and worthy to be #1 AND that is your accountability in this lifetime. Sure, it sucks when others misbehave. But our REACTION to their ACTIONS, we are still accountable to. That is within our control. We can choose how we act and react, regardless of other people. We can choose how we treat ourselves. We can choose to not take on other people's baggage and instead lead by example.

We can choose, to rise up, rather than stoop down!

So please don't fear Chiron, but investigate how this may be affecting you!



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