Chiron in Aries!

Chiron in Aries: Time to Thrive!

We are OUT of the Supermoon and Mercury Retrograde, and ready to move forward!

It's a bubbling energy of excitement, thrill and determination we should expect from Aries Season... but feeling an extra fiery push? Well that, ladies and gentlemen, is Chiron moving out of Pisces and into Aries. 

Tarot by Grace

If you noticed over the last few months and years, everything has turned emotional. Not that the media was ever fully factual, but we saw a shift from the news just being the news, to sensationalized news! We have TMZ, celebrity gossip as well as spiritual and paranormal focus. It seems like overnight, the world changed. Health stores now outshine the regular grocery stories and everyone knows what celery juice is used for. Essential oils, crystals, mythical paths galore! Pisces, the oh-so loving, spiritual and emotional sign was teaching us about acceptance and using these metaphysical modalities for healing. But right as Chiron was on the verge of moving into Aries, we found these two signs clashing. Most evidently to the strong Blue Liberal left and conservative Red Right we are seeing play out in American politics. We have these two forces pulling at either side and we are struggling to find our balance between acceptance and action. 

Now we are going to feel that push even further! Chiron has moved out of Pisces and is lit on fire with Aries energy. This means, loads of abrasive action. Just like every sign carries it's good and bad, Aries has a little of both. It is our job individually and culturally to find a healthy balance. Aries is wonderful for it's ability to get us moving out of acceptance and into action (both being essential). It motivates us to not sit back, but get what we want! 

The challenge in the future, for us, will be about doing so healthily. Whenever ANY sign gets reactive... they also get really childish and act on survival, rather than rational thought. We get a bit primitive and do something out of fight or flight; we don't have to do that now!

Chiron in Pisces brought so much beautiful wisdom and connection to our spirituality. This is the time to not rely on our laurels, but also to not forget them altogether. We must realize Chiron in Aries is here to move us, 2019 being a transitional year, in a new physical direction. We have to remember that Aries also represents some masculine energy that can be wounded in our society. Just because women are rising up does not mean men have to be beaten down (and vice versa). Finding our balance, means, we do this TOGETHER. We encourage, support and fight for one another in a loving, compassionate and powerful way. 

This absolutely will be one of the greatest moments in our lives where everything changes and even becomes a bit nostalgic. If you have missed live events and feel overwhelmed by the media and online streaming services; this is your moment! Sports, community activities and outdoor events will be on the rise. This is a time to totally champion your inner most desires and goals. This is the time to expect the best, and get it! 

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